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I just dont get it


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On the new manager links. There are the common names that are brought up again and again. For sure Martin O'neils name is banded around is it is when most jobs come up. Would he prefer to stay out of management still, would he rather take a national role? or maybe a different club. Either way, there are three other names that many assume are the real alternatives.


Sam Allardyce

Alan Curbs

Steve Fecking Bruce


Why any single one of those would be considered is beyond me. Fair enough that Allardyce has took Bolton to a canny position and got them into europe. But his style of play is awful. Many would argue that the style doesnt matter so long as we are up there, but I disagree. Its not a case of having good football or a decent leage position. You can actually have both. Many go on about how his awareness and preparation are first class. Then all he does is HOOF IT! I can just imaging. "Right, after weeks of analysing we can see that Scott Parker will break up our play, so *laughs at his own superior football brain* why not cut him out and go right on over his head" I know I dont watch them every week. Also after our recent game he said they didnt play near to their potential. No, they could have got that ball much higher.


As for curbs, one minute Charlton fans love him, nexy they want him out. Generally depending on how far up/down the table they are. They say you need to give a manager time, and that is sure whathe has had there. Kept them up, turned them into a half decent mid table side. Always have a few good spells each year. Always drop back to being, well, average.


Then good old "geordie boy" himself. Yeah right. Steve Bruce. Just ..... no. If FS considered even thinking of him I'd poke his eyes out with a leaky pen.


Also, I have to assume the good "candidate" has experience in Europe? If thats where we want to be, then we need someone who has been there and done it. Doesnt have to have won shed loads, but at least learned from the experience of playing European teams.


Anyway, it will be Glen so whats the fuss eh .... :clapping:

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totally moving the topic but I nearly shat meself half way through the game on Saturday, looked over at the bench and thought Terry Mac was Steve Feckin Bruce.


horrible horrible moment. :blush:



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