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Babayaro to Celtic?

Scottish Mag

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Sunderland have scrapped plans for a cut-price £500,000 move for Celestine Babayaro. And it paves the way for the out-of-favour Newcastle defender to join Celtic.


Souness will listen to offers for the Nigerian full-back, a flop since his £1m switch from Chelsea in January.


The arrival of defender Francesco Coco on loan from Inter Milan will speed the departure of Babayaro.


Hoops manager Gordon Strachan is ready to offer the 26-year-old a fresh start north of the border after ruling out moves for defensive duo Mark Wilson and Nikos Dabizas.


Black Cats boss Mick McCarthy has been weighing up a move for Babayaro after ending his interest in former Newcastle full-back Olivier Bernard.


But despite injuries to George McCartney and Danny Collins, McCarthy has shelved plans to hand Babayaro another chance to prove himself, with Julio Arca set to fill in at full-back.

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FIFA Announces Transfer Amendments

20 December 2004

FIFA have announced that players will now be allowed to make two moves in a single calendar year.


Following a two-day meeting in Zurich, the FIFA Executive Committee ratified the revised Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players. President Sepp Blatter also confirmed a player could be loaned to two different clubs in succession during a season if he had only trained and not played in any matches for his original club between loans.


An official press release read, as follows:


There are a number of amendments in the revised regulations, with the restriction on the number of transfers per calendar year to be relaxed, thereby allowing a player to be transferred twice within the same calendar year if the contract between the club and player has been cancelled with mutual consent before the second transfer is completed. However, transfers must still take place in one of the transfer windows.


Furthermore, the provisions regarding the loan of players will also be more flexible. For example, a player who has been loaned to another club but then returns to his original club may be loaned to a second club, provided that since his return to his original club, he has only trained there and has not played in any matches for his original club.


However, the five principles that FIFA agreed with the EU Commission in March 2001 have not been amended. These principles relate to the protection of minors, training compensation for young players, the solidarity mechanism, maintenance of contractual stability and the system used to resolve disputes. With regard to the final point, the revised regulations will allow a single judge to rule in such matters. In general, the different powers of the various bodies that deal with disputes have been laid down in a more precise manner.


These new regulations, which will come into force on 1 July 2005 after the conclusion of the current season, will also have a new, more consistent structure and will contain the provisions and additions that FIFA has issued via circular letters since the adoption of the current transfer regulations on 1 September 2001. With regard to international registration transfer certificates and the provisional registration of players, it was also agreed that a more precise legal formulation was required.





Then Art. 5 (3) of the regulations:


Players may be registered for a maximum of three clubs during the

period from 1 July until 30 June of the following year. During this

period, the player is only eligible to play in Official Matches for two


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Its still not wide open, it states that the player must have been released from his contract before he signs for the new club, that is not in context of selling a player from one team to another.


In the second part it refers to situations like Alexi Smertin, who had been bought by Chelsea and loaned out to Portsmouth before he'd kicked a ball in a Chelsea shirt.

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I think I'd contribute to get shot of him, never mind complain at the 500k price. Not exactly Souness finest moment tranfer wise.



Well, along with Faye if he's trying to get shot of him too, that's 2 of his proper playes that didn't last long

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