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I'm not a parent and don't especially want to be, so if I'm struggling to find the words to express how I feel about people who play with kids' lives like this, god knows how those of you with kids of your own feel. It's beyond sickening.

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It's a bit sad when someone goes down the road of marrying and having kids rather than being really honest - seems unfair on his family even if there's a lot of love there. I used to work with a bloke who did the same but went further in leaving his family for a bloke. 


Maybe it's more truthful to describe himself as bi. 

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12 hours ago, Dr Gloom said:

Pretty sad in this day and age that he lived most of his life in the closet 

I can only assume he found it difficult to explain it to his family because it’s not remotely shocking in the context of wider society. 

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I don't think anyone is that bothered on here, tbh. :lol:


Fwiw, ewerk's assertion about him being outed is what I thought has probably happened. He's probably been with men on the sly for years and he's been forced into coming out. The only time I've really watched/listened to him was when he worked on children's BBC when I was a teenager.

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