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Yo kiddiewinks. It’s just gone 3am but it feels like 2am. If you have any old-fashioned clocks in your households from the early days of the forum then please adjust them accordingly. And can you clea

Hi lads just a quick update about Master T we were allowed to visit him in the mental hospital at Ryhope yesterday it's the first time we've seen him in 6 days. He was allowed to go to the local Asda

Peaky blinders isn’t a tv show, it’s a sounding horn to allow people to spot cunts when they start wearing tweed and flat caps.

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Had the most ridiculous 3 days. Took the 7am flight to Geneva on monday morning, then drove to Champerey near Chamonix for an off-site team building. Spent most of the afternoon doing a bizarre speed-dating affair then went to an ice-rink to play Curling which was the team-building event. Managed to do my knee in being a flid on the ice. Back to the hotel, dinner and then a free bar and no bar staff, literally no limits drinking. Music system was cracking so someone got some seriously cheesy dance music on the go and the party went on till 4.30am. At one point i was grinding crotches with my boss, who is a very elegant Bulgarian lady. I bailed at 3am as i had to leave the next morning to go to Munich. After 2 nights of less than 5 hours sleep, set off at 9am to Aigle to get a train to the airport, took a delayed flight from Geneva at 2pm, arrived in Munich and went straight to a sales force training meeting where i presented for an hour in front of 80 people. Nailed it. Meetings all morning today and then flew home this evening at 5pm.


Completely battered but top bombing.

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