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Hi lads just a quick update about Master T we were allowed to visit him in the mental hospital at Ryhope yesterday it's the first time we've seen him in 6 days. He was allowed to go to the local Asda

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Don't really know you properly but good luck with everything Stevie, always came across as a good, genuine, witty lad from what I've read on here and I'm pleased to see it's gone well so far.


Take this 6 months as a temporary serious health kick and line up something as a reward for when your done, a big drinking holiday away somewhere for next year or something. All the best.

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Good luck Stevie, sounds like you've taken the news really well. Just chill out and relax and let your body recover now, you've been put through a canny bit of stress both mental and physical and you've got a bit to come with the radiotherapy.


Hope it goes as well as that can.

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Even if you think you're sound, Stevie, TAKE IT EASY. i can half understand you having a couple of pints when you've come through a lot and thinking, 'ah fuck it, I could manage it no bother I feel great' but it can be deceptive, years ago I had a fairly minor op, was in a hospital bed not too long after coming to and wanted to have a wonder around as I was bored and felt ok, when I got half way down the corridor and started to feel dizzy and fell over I realised mebbe the Doctors and nurses knew best after all. Good luck. On a separate note I was with the Wife visiting her old Aunt in the RVI when I walked past a male nurse talking about riding his new motorbike to a bored looking female nurse and was wondering if J69 had got a transfer from Durham?

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Thanks for all the kind words apart from J69's usual pish.


Had a bit of a day to again like to be honest. Went to the Westoe today, which is the classic Newcastle pub down here, one of the few, had one pint and passed out at half time in a heap. The ambulance took me in to South Tyneside hospital, and they don't know why I collapsed. I've made a decision, because I start my radiotherapy in 2 weeks, I'm not drinking for the whole period of my treatment which could be 6 months. It's truly bizarre what happens to me when I've had a drink, given my op, it's time to pipe down, and settle down till I'm as healthy and Sexy as I was last year.

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