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Hi lads just a quick update about Master T we were allowed to visit him in the mental hospital at Ryhope yesterday it's the first time we've seen him in 6 days. He was allowed to go to the local Asda

Yo kiddiewinks. It’s just gone 3am but it feels like 2am. If you have any old-fashioned clocks in your households from the early days of the forum then please adjust them accordingly. And can you clea

It occurred to me this evening that my traditional posts reminding you boys to adjust your clocks accordingly twice a year (not a euphemism) is becoming redundant in this digital age. However, here I

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Renton's fucking magic

He wears a magic hat

He had a normal window,

But he thought 'no, fuck that'

He bought a stain glass window

For his Whitley Bay address

Aaaand every time we bring it up

He'll say he couldn't care less.

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what happened to the forum this morning Big Tony?

Server ran out of space so sql shut down as a precaution , backup script went wonkie wasn't rotating them as it should have, no big deal
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I've always had a bit of time for Stevie like as he can be fucking hilarious and he's got some good stories but the funny / odd thing about his 'posh cunts' patter is that he's a massive snob himself.

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