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New Carlsberg ad...


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Apparently this was discussed on Soccer AM on Saturday, supposed to be fucking hilarious.


A pub team consisting of Jack Charlton (mini-bus driver), Peter Beardsley, Stuart Pearce, Peter Reid, and others go off for a Sunday league match and are coached by SBR..


Psycho is supposed to be in a pink England shirt due to his missus washing it with something red and SBR has a go at him for taking a call during the match.


"Leave it out, it's me mam!" is his response!!


The tagline of course is 'Carlsberg don't make pub football teams, but if they did they'd probably be the best in the world!'


Sounds pretty good - anyone catches a clip of it, be sure to post a link! :D

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I wish! :lol:


Sounds fucking hilarious! And is it true that the opposition team had no idea who they were playing so their reaction when they turn up is real? :D

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Just watched it as wor lad taped soccer a.m. it's absolutely hilarious and apparently none of it was scripted, they just had to pretend they were a typical Sunday morning team. Reidy was'nt happy that the lager they were drinking at the end was non-alcoholic !!!

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