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Surgery to remove shark tooth from boy's foot


A 15-year-old boy will have surgery to remove a shark's tooth from his foot after being bitten while surfing at Newcastle Beach, north of Sydney.


Luke Cook, of Caves Beach, was attacked by the shark about 1.30pm (AEST) today, Newcastle Council lifesaving coordinator Stuart Ellery said.


He was taken to Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital, where he was expected to undergo surgery to remove a small tooth from his foot, a hospital spokeswoman said.


The bite wound was about 2.5cm long and would require stitches, she said.


A sea and aerial search failed to find a sign of the shark, and the normally unpatrolled popular surf beach was not closed to the public Mr Ellery said.


The attack came as the NSW government met today in Sydney to discuss the use of shark nets on NSW beaches.


Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald met with shark experts, fisheries officials and lifesavers from around the country to consider new measures to stop dolphins and other creatures getting caught in nets.


Mr Macdonald said the experts had generally been supportive of the government's shark net program and the government had no plans to abandon or change it.


South Coast MP Shelley Hancock criticised the NSW government for failing to invite the Australian Aerial Patrol (AAP) to attend the summit.


"Aerial surveillance has all but been ruled out in favour of establishing towers on beaches and the use of jet skis," Ms Hancock said.


"I am perplexed as to how anyone can see a shark from a jet ski.


"The AAP has been patrolling our beaches for 50 years and in doing so has saved many lives through being vigilant and spotting sharks before they spot us."


Shark nets have been in place in NSW since 1937, and in that time only one person has been killed in a shark attack in the state.


They know I'm coming and they're waiting for me ;)

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They know I'm coming and they're waiting for me ;)


Cath, it happened in Newcastle!

When was the last time you saw a shark in Newcastle?


The question you have to ask, is why did he put his foot in a sharks mouth?

I bet his mum is having a field day with that one. :(


By the way sharks like the english, for some reason they think they are a bit tastier :blink:

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