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Message for Gemmill


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but Im not sure how quickly you can train the new Mildred to be like the old one. I told you not to leave the toilet seat up without flushing first maan, *shivers: what a way to go.


So anyway if you buy the 'replacement' and promise to look after the other remaining twin (although I reckon you may have to dump that one somewhere and replace it so it doesnt pine for Mildred and give the game away) you might just get away with it.



Phew!!! good job nobody can read these PMs isnt it?

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I've got one of the two cats in orange boiler suits, and me stood behind them with a balaclava on and an AK in hand.  Any good? :blink:



You're a horrible, horrible man. ;)


All that "I've just sent you a pic of the cat on the phone but it mustn't be working" business?! What have you done to my children?! <_<


I want a picture on here tonight when you get home, else there will never, EVER be any more half-time chocolate at the match. Ooooooooohhhh no sireee!! :huh:

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