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J69 Happy Birthday


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First off- Gol- you WUM extraordinaire.



And J69- I already said it in person/phone on the actual day B) but have a great time in Boston! Remember, Hennessey's in the Haymarket section is great for a proper pint or 5, and most of the pubs around Fenway are good as well. Easiest to just take the T (train/transport) about town- madness to actually try to drive here and there. Oh and also- DON'T wear any NY yankees gear. Seriously.

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cheers boys, did nowt realy, coached all day, played footie after then watched the man u game. probably have me proper celebrations on saturday. me and the lads are having a night out in boston!



Boston's shite, you should go to Lincoln seeing that you're in the area.






























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