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Just got back from a day at Blart Central York Races. 

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On 05/05/2006 at 13:31, Smooth Operator said:

My ode to Sunshine Fanny,


Sunshine Fanny where have you been,

Sunshine Fanny do you keep it nice and clean?


Eagerly awaiting for the sun to show,

To reveal your true colours as a scantily clad ho.


You perk up my day and give me a twitch,

So keep it up you sun-loving filthy bitch.


For a live performance I'll be busking outside Fenwicks window all afternoon tomorrow.


:lol: what happened to SO? Different class 

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18 hours ago, Smooth Operator said:


Never too far away mate!


Ah sunshine fanny....great mammories...

Don’t be a stranger, this thread still makes me laugh when it’s bumped every summer thanks to your ode to sunshine fanny 

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