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Add an optical inch..

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Philips wants you to shave everywhere..


Philips/Norelco is marketing its new Bodygroom razor by focusing on what all men want: a bigger dick. Yes, following what the porn industry has known for years, the company is promoting the razor's ability to add an "optical inch" to one's manhood by making the trimming of that area simple, painless and rewarding size-wise. Forget five bladed razors. Gillette's beat that one to death. Now, it's all about removing body hair from hard to reach places and catering to men's obsession with size. Hey, woman want cleavage enhancing bras. Men ought to have a similar weapon at their disposal as well.


Recently Philips came out with a new microsite for their Norelco Bodygroom. Last June Dabitch pointed to in "It takes balls to sell un-hairy men" which looked at two print ads, one was for this product. Now, in addition to their on site section for the Bodygroom, they have put out Shave Everywhere. Hosted by a man in a bathrobe, the microsite features demonstrations using bush trimming, a music video that's an "ode to Bodygroom", and an explaination of how shaving "down there" will make your doodle look larger.





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Themags tells me that he uses this "optical illusion" too.



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