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I’m looking forward to seeing this lad play in the World Cup personally. He looks like he'll be a great goal scorer in future. He's no Rooney, but what he lacks in strength, he makes up for in pace.


He's got nothing to lose going to the World Cup at his age. The lad will go there enjoy it and show no fear. I don't think he'd let any pressure or nerves get the better of him. He'll have all the support in the world over there which I'm sure he'll thrive on.

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Shamelessly borrowed from Football365....



Young Theo Walcott: A Tabloid Guide

Wednesday May 10 2006


Isn't it amazing that people who are born later are actually younger? That's the gist of the tabloids' coverage of Theo Walcott's call-up to the World Cup squad. To save them the trouble, we've written a Theo guide...


By Sarah Winterburn and Alan Tyers


1) When silly Gareth Southgate missed that fateful penalty back in Euro 1996, Theo's dad, 47, was at INFANT SCHOOL!


2) Teammate Gary Neville is old enough to be his DAD (in Blair's Britain where one in two 14-year-olds are fathers).


3) By the time Theo is the same age as the squad's oldest member David James, footballers will have been replaced by super-intelligent ROBOTS that can hover in the AIR!!


4) Theo's pretty girlfriend Melanie Slade is not yet old enough to be officially leered over by us...but the clock's ticking.


5) Theo's not old enough to DRINK, VOTE or have ANAL SEX...


6) ...but he is young enough to wear a HOODY, become OBESE from his school dinners or be preyed upon by one of Britain's eight million PAEDOS.


7) When Michael Owen was the same age as Theo, a pint of beer cost a shilling, a family's weekly shop cost 65p and SMALLPOX killed one infant in three.


8) Theo will need an interpreter with him at England squad meetings - he is unfamiliar with standard English and communicates only via TEXT message, podcast and MOBILE ringtones (which you can buy via our website).


9) When captain David Beckham was fathering his first child, Theo's BALLS hadn't even dropped!!


10) When Sven-Goran Eriksson was born, Theo WASN'T!!!

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