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Ive had an idea. Instead of a statue....

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Why dont we have a kind of hollywood walk of fame kind of thing.


Only for previous players or those in their testimonial year. Havnt quite worked out just how a player might qualify yet.....


Doesnt have to be a star with the name inside, it could be the club crest. Or maybe a design by a fan.


It could just have the name of the player, or the name plus a picture or pretty much anything i suppose.


Doesnt have to be sited outside the ground either, could be within the stadium. Or on northumberland street.


Gotta be better than arguing about statues.



Whadda ya reckon ?



(i'll nominate given, shearer and pedro)

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It would certainly have more crediblity that a statue, there would be no controversy regarding whether the person should be celebrated after their death.

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What about a masseeeeeve bar outside the ground named after him along with a ginormous picture of shearer adorning the entire side of the gorund?



nah, be sensible Freddy would never go for that idea.

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