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I was this close


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To being shat on by a seagul this morning! its lucky i have such quick reflexes so I could  cartwheel, double back flip and still just made sure I got out of the way just in time.


Just how big was this shit? B)

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Seagulls are Vermin. Have you seen what they eat?


About a year ago as i was turning the corner into my street when i heard this screeching/whining noise. A large rat/seagull with wings was carrying a baby starling off in it's beak.


I can't imagine what their shits are like if there eating starlings - Dirty Bastards. ;)

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Has anyone tried it?  Does it ACTUALLY work??


Don't make me go out and find a seagull.....



... although I've also been told it works on pigeons too.



Apparently they don't explode as such just kinda fall over dead...


Also apparently giving them hot chilli sauce is more amusing as they think there mouths or on fire.

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Yeh. but just them falling over dead sounds a bit like needless cruelty.


Making them explode is at least entertaining.


I think I'm a bit of a sick individual... but you know what I mean, right??


Anyways, it'd make sense if it doesn't work..... this guy who used to make up absolute crap to tell us (I think in his head he believed it was true.. which is the scary part), he went into great detail about the time he exploded seagulls like that over a cricket pitch to get revenge on mean cricketters.


So yeh, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't explode. Not surprised at all.

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