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Name the 42 football teams

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I see

Burnley, wolves, saints, gunners, portsmouth, rams, magpies, toffees, bluejays(?), owl, lilywhites, potters, tractor boys, addicks, baggies, seagulls, canaries, 'pool, black cats, hatters, Shellsea?, blades, Wigan, QPR (on the tv), Foxes, Hammers,


and I see two blokes by thetrain.. is there a team nicknamed Railwaymen?

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charlton - addicks

sunderland - black cats

shef wed - the owls

everton - the toffees

newcastle - the magpies

the potters - Stoke City

the seagulls - Brighton & Hove Albion

the bluebirds - Cardiff City





Edit -

Railwaymen - Crewe Alex

Tractor Boys - Ipswich Town

Hatters - Luton Town

Tigers - Hull City

Man with a Wig - Wigan

Blades - Sheffield United

Edited by Alan Shearer Is God
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