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Open letter to ForumBots Inc

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Dear Sir/Madam,


Back in 2004 we purchased one of your early bots, at the time it was a revolutionary module and we have to say gave us many hours of endless pleasure watching it strut its stuff on our fine forum however recently I am a little worried that the latest updates have caused some form of malfunction.


The bot we are running is a standard ForumBot v0.1 with the following additional modules installed (it is these which are causing me concern).


CommonSense v2.1

Debate v0.

Tolerance v3.1

BellersGod v5.0 (enhanced edition)

SounessTwat v5.0 (also enhanced version)

ILoveShep v5.0 (ultra enhanced)

FootballMemory v6.0 (maximum edition)


I am wary that the constant use of the ILoveShep module has somehow corrupted the CommonSense add-in and that there may now be a conflict between the Tolerance plug-in and the aforementioned CommonSense.


I would appreciate any advice you can give me, recently this bot has started to run amok within the board and although providing much lively debate and working perfectly within the Newcastle Chat section it has now become stuck in the past and has often confused general banter as abuse. (speaking of which we did also install your abuse v3.3 plug-in and have nothing but praise as it is obviously working to perfection, although I would prefer to see more variation other than "thick twat" and "do-gooder")


As I say the "Football banter" is working fairly well, I am tempted however to replace the BellersGod module with the standard "Goodplayerbutmorehasslethanowtelse" plug-in just to see how it confuses the other board members. My main concern is during the bots inclusion in the General Chat section, it has a desire to permanently post articles involving asylum seekers and terrorists (which is in no way a bad thing (the articles not the terrorism)) but is let down by the one sidedness of the Debate module we are using. Is there an update? could it be that I need to up the tolerance module instead or have I got the settings wrong? Browsing your site I see you are also developing a "BNP module" could it be that somehow a small portion of this code has infected the tolerance plugin we have purchased?


Oh, while Im on, more praise is needed for the curry module that yourselves developed, seems our bot is providing some first class ethnic recipes to the others, again this seems to be a little strange as we purposefully didnt install the MultiCultural upgrade that you released. :lol:



Please reply in the utmost urgency.



Yours worriedly,



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I forgot to add that the entire forum is made up of different bot versions although we do have 1 actual forum member other than the admin (I am a little wary however that two of the admin have been replaced by a single bot in multi guise mode) with this information I would appreciate a discreet reply as Id hate for that single user to realise that they are the only that actually exists.

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That's actually quite amusing.


Still pissed off the Renton bot was a lower number than the Leazes bot in a previous post though! :rolleyes::lol:

Edited by Renton

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I thought the Leazes Bot was unique as it apears to be going backwards in version numbers - it will reach 800 BC shortly...............................


plus it has an annoying reversion to the "Stone them, stone them" screen if you run a thread for more than 5 pages

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