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Englands Route & Others

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I was doing the predictor thingy. I'm off to the second semi on the 5th July, though its a bit of a gamble who Ill see. There is a good chance it England (if we improve!).


But, if Im right (which Im probably not), I reckon we'll play Ecuador next, beat them to go through to the QF. There I think Argentina will knock out the hosts Germany, we will squeeze past Holland, Italy will get past Ukraine, and Spain will knock out Brazil :lol:


The Semi's will see Argentina get past Italy to the final and Spain will knock us out for what would be a cracking final Argentina v Spain.


Argentina to win it.


Reet, Im off to the bookies...




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I reckon we could have the beating of Spain, but I think we'd be done away with by Holland before we got the chance. There's also the possibility that it's Argentina instead of Holland that we get in the QF, in which case we'd be screwed. I also think that if we did somehow get to the semis, we'd get beaten there by Brazil and not Spain.


So I'm pretty much disagreeing with you across the board. :lol:

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