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Brock Manson

Portugal v Holland

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Both teams would trounce England.  :(


1-0 thus far, Maniche scored a beauty, Costinha sent off.



Both teams are more technically gifted, they wouldn't trounce England at all.


Whats good is whoever wins they'll be down at least one player against England and if its Portugal it could be two if FIFA do their job and suspend Figo for a headbutt.

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What a load of rubbish. Figo shouldn't be on the pitch anymore anyway.


If this style of refereeing is becoming the official FIFA-policy I'll watch extreme-knitting in the future.

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So its England versus whats left of Portugal by saturday!


Poeple are going mental over the ref but of the sendings off, most were yellow cards and they had to go.


Deco did a bad foul and then stopped a quick freekick, both yellows.

The first Portugese player did a foul and then a deliberate handball, both yellows

and from what i can remember there was certainly an argument for yellows for the Dutch fouls as well, particularly under this tournaments rules!


So there you are its actually me defending a ref against everyone else, who'd have thought it!

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Figo should have been off and if the ref had booked players for diving there'd have only been 3 or 4 left on the pitch.


Portugal without Deco and possibly Ronaldo.. working out alright for lucky Sven

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