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I'm at the docs in howdon. All around me theres people coughing and spluttering, limping, moaning and generally not being very well.


In walks this bloke - what a fuckin clip he was.


this is what he was wearing


1) a black beret

2) huge brown sheepskin coat (like what motty has)

3) black trackie bottoms with a shocking pink stripe down the sides

4) brown sandals (no socks)




laughter is definately the best medicine



A beret FFS! ;):lol::lol::razz:

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We were in the Tavern having our usual pre-match drinks last season and there was this oldish bloke in there with a beret, he was pissed, but he was a classy drunk - sort of Peter O'Toole drunk if you know what I mean. Anyway, he comes over to us (there's about 12 of us), we all go quiet, and he goes 'excuse me chaps, I'm no football fan, but I've always wanted to know, is football better than fucking a woman?' ;)

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*Alan Partridge voice*"I like your berets...as worn by Frank Spencer, Sadam Hussein...and the..French!"*Alan Partridge voice*

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