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J69 will love this. Best start deleting some posts lads!


Government to target cyber-bullies

The Government is aiming to get tough on "cyber-bullying", with new guidelines to support schools in tackling the problem and force bullies' mothers and fathers to attend parenting classes.


The move came as research showed up to one in five children had been bullied via their mobile phone or through the internet.


Teachers should make sure all emails sent from computers on site are monitored and internet use is restricted where necessary, new government guidelines said.


Parents of bullies would have to attend parenting classes or face £1,000 fines under the Education Bill currently going through Parliament, said Schools Minister Jim Knight.


"No child should suffer the misery of bullying, online or off-line, and we will support schools in tackling it in cyberspace with the same vigilance as in the playground," Mr Knight said.


"Every school should account for cyber-bullying in their compulsory anti-bullying policies, and should take firm action where it occurs.


"The Education Bill will give teachers a legal right to discipline pupils, strengthening their authority to take firm action on bullying.


"It will also send a strong message to parents and pupils that bullying will not be tolerated with court-imposed parenting orders to compel parents of bullies to attend parenting classes or face £1,000 fines.


"Unlike other forms of bullying, cyber-bullying can follow children and young people into their private spaces and outside school hours.


"This is why it is essential that parents and young people themselves should understand how to use technologies safely to protect themselves at home and outside school hours, as well as supporting their schools in dealing with incidents."

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