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Good job we're winning..............

Rob W

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Hate to think what it would be like if we were losing ............



Triple Baghdad blasts kill dozens


At least 42 people have died and 80 were hurt in three car bombings in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Two of the blasts went off within 10 minutes of each other at 0800 (0400GMT) at the busy Nahda bus station. The third blast happened on the road to a nearby hospital some 15 minutes later, just as victims of the first two attacks were being brought in.


The bombs come as Iraqi politicians continue discussions to reach a deal on a new charter to shape Iraq's future. All three attacks were less than 30 minutes apart, and police say their apparent co-ordination and planning means casualty figures are almost certain to rise. Attacks have dropped off amid negotiations on a new Iraqi constitution, which reached a deadlock this week. Police and officials investigating the attacks were trying to determine whether the blasts were work of suicide bombers.


Bodies and blazes


The bus station serves various parts of the country and would normally have been crowded with travellers at the time of the attacks, says the BBC's Mike Wooldridge in Baghdad. One eyewitness told Reuters news agency they saw a coach blow up. "We heard an explosion in the garage, we went there and ran towards the buses for Kut, Basra and Amara," said Ahmed Jabur. "A coach blew up. When we were leaving, another one blew up in the middle of police cars."


Blazing buses and bodies were strewn across the road, and police and civilian vehicles were damaged in the blast. The majority of victims appeared to be civilians, many of whom were trapped on buses. Shortly afterwards, the third car bomb echoed around the city. Medics and police helping the wounded to hospital were among the injured, reports say.


In other violence:


* Two US soldiers die in separate attacks in southern Baghdad, and northern Iraq, the US military says


* Six Iraqi soldiers in northern Iraq are killed when insurgents open fire as they guard oil installations near Kirkuk.

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