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What A Crazy Site

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This is a Liverpool site, with a mad Newcastle fan as a MOD, whats the world coming too, can I be a mod on here ;)


Its a new site, and the lad has posted for a couple of years on a certain LFC site, loads of banter between our two clubs, but now seeing as he canban me is mad.  :lol:





whey haway maaan, you dont think they would trust any scousers to mod the place do you? Christ on a bike, he'd have the smilies away before you could say Cilla Black. :lol:

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Do you want to see a joke, well click this





Thats not a joke, its normality. :lol:


tell you what was a joke though.. that penalty of yours today. What the hell was that all about?


Jeez we're turning General Chat into football world, wouldnt stand for that on other forums I can tell you.

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Shouldn't you be elsewhere? I think that there is a little girl who needs saving from the Evil Giants

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