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got an n70 which is fine for me.


good phone plays vids and mp3's and all sorts. headphones on it are shit mind...


getting an 8800 scirocco when it comes out.


why do people bother with v3's common as muck and half as good looking.



cheapest phone with good specs as far as im concerned. free 512mb memory card swung it for me

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I lurve my Motorola Razr V3i :lol:



Ive got a regular v3 - tis lursh.



dont suppose one of you fellor razrites could tell me how i can assign different ring tones to different contacts then?


Yep. Go to your contact and press the middle button on the top row. Go to to 'edit' and scroll down to Ringer ID and assign whichever ringtone you want to that contact.

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Got one of these coming tomorrow to replace my old Nokia 6630







I've sent the fucker back, bloody hate the thing.


Got a Nokia 6280 coming instead.


Not surprised its fucking horrible! :(


i have always had a samsung until my last one but there are far too many buttons on that one for a a thick shit like me :D

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Just got me a N91




looks to me like the best free Nokia available at the minute.


I once tried a Non-nokia, I was lost for 12 months.



Thats a cracking deal.


I wont stray away from Nokia again either.


I've had a change of heart tbh.


The size and weight (not to mention age) of it have put me off so I'm going to return it as soon as it arrives, shame to lose the 4 Gig memory, but I'll still be using my ipod anyway. Vodafone have said they'll keep me on the same plan and send me a free N73 (normally £150 up) which is basically the same as the Sony Ericsson K800i but is preferable because every twunt is getting a Sony Ericsson K800i, it's a Nokia and it's symbian.



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