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Luque to be unveiled this afternoon?

Optimistic Nut

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It basically says our initial £6.6m was rejected, but last night we increased it to £10m plus a choice of Ameobi or Viana. If accepted, Shepherd will send a private jet out to pick him up and have him unveiled before the match this afternoon.



If I'd opened this to find one of those pretend press conference threads, I was going to batter you. ;)


Sounds promising, although the private jet thing sounds doubtful. It would certainly be a nice introduction if they unveiled him at half time with us 1 nil down. :blink:

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Agree with SSR. Even for the England Under 21s, he was the one who stood out amongst the likes of Defoe, Crouch, Johnson, Bent, Cole, etc. which I put down to his style of football being suited to the Continental style.



I put it down to the fact he's a bloody good player WHEN playing fit AND with the correct formation i.e. NOT with God

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I don't give anything on AS or Marca they are as bad as the S*n and the likes of Daily Mirror combined. If you would take them serious Real would sign at least a dozen players daily.


I don't believe in any deal until I see Jimbo's telly confirming it...

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I agree - it's clear that Viana isn't going to play for us, EVER. But we're talking about the Pie-man here, and on present form, I can't see it happening.


Ameobi in Spain would be pretty funny!



His style might be better suited there. He seemed to play better in europe.


like Marseille away :blink:
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On the official website they have snippets from a press conference with Luque. He is saying that a move to Newcastle would suit him, but that he has no problem with staying at Deportivo if no deal between the clubs can be agreed. (at least that's what I understood with my limited Spanish).



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