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Sky One's "The Match"

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Cue "Brimful of Asha" ...


Graham Taylor's side have won the respect of the Legends with two excellent performances, but this time around that won't be enough. This time, they need to win The Match.


After two years of coming close, the boss is desperate to stuff his face with that elusive cigar. If he fails again he could be out of a job…


The Celebrities' task is as daunting as ever… walking out in front of 52,000 screaming Geordies and locking shins with likes of Dennis Irwin and David Batty.


The odds are against them, but with GT's side one year more experienced and the Legends one year older, this year's tussle is set to be closer than ever. And that would be saying something…


For two years running the Celebrities have been edged out by the narrowest of margins. Last time out the heroics of Legends keeper Neville Southall kept them at bay as they lost 2-0 at St James' Park. This time the under-pressure Taylor will be taking a tougher approach with his squad and nothing less than victory will do.


The trials will be bigger and more gruelling with 70 Celebs chasing 21 spots. In the week-long build up to The Match, that squad will be whittled down to 16 as GT puts three players on the bench every night. Every night one player gets dropped from the squad and two gets saved: who stays and who goes is up to you.


On Sunday 8 October, the Legends and Celebrities will meet for the third time. It will be loud, it will be fiery… and this year will be the closest yet.


Can they do it? Can they win THE MATCH?




Anyone going this year?

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I thought you meant 70's celebs there for a minute.  Now that would be worth seeing.








Now that would be worth seeing !!

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Guest alex
Sounds like more reality tv voting bollocks to me.


On Five (I think) there was one of those top 10/20/50-type programs the other night only it was a live knockout competition to find the best pop group/artist ever with a live phone vote. Not only do these programmes cost fuck all to make but they are now trying to coin it in by adding phone votes to them. They were supposedly putting similar artists up against each other in the first round. I saw Eminem v Robbie Williams and Elvis v Elton before I turned over :lol:

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70 'celebs' - I'd like to see the list before giving them that dubious accolade tttt



Boris Johnson......... purrrrrlease? :good:

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