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Player of the Season, West Ham (h)


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Same as last week, rate your top 3 players from todays game.


This will run until just before Kick Off for the Bolton game on Wednesday.


I´ll start, but I only listened on the radio as they were showing Sunderland on TV here in Guatemala.


:blink: Taylor

:nufc: Boumsong

:razz: Parker

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:blink: Jenas

:nufc: Taylor

:razz: Boumsong


I might change this after seing the game again on tv.


Boumsong made some timely interventions, but I feel his hesitancy to head the ball caused problems.


Parker looked a little sluggish. Not fully fit yet.


Jenas had his best game in donkey's years.


Baba looked good for Baba standards.


Carr alright going forward when they bothered to use that side, not so good at the back.


Milner and N'zogbia did the Dyer trick of looking busy with little end-product.


Given's kicking was shocking, he looked a bag of nerves. Thankfully he wasn't tested much.


Shearer looks off the pace. He looked tired in the second half and made a few uncharacteristic errors.


Taylor was good, in a no-nonsense 'if in doubt, fling yersell at the ball' sort of way. He's a bit like Dabizas, but with better timing.

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Given 6 - F**k all to do

Babayaro 8 - IMO, best game in a NUFC shirt, looked decent going forward and knocked one off the line

Carr 6 - Average

Boumsong 7 - Solid

Taylor 7 - Solid at the back, but looked lost in the WHU area

Bowyer 6 - Okay

Parker 7 - Did his job, but offered nothing going forward

N'Zogbia 5 - Poor

(Clark 6 - Had best chance)

Milner 5 - Poor

Jenas 6 - Not bad

Shearer 4 - Couldn't have held up a post office full of grannies with a machine gun. Made Gabbidon look like Nesta. The man is FINISHED.

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I thought Parker did well considering that the midfield basically had no movement in front of them so it obviously becomes a lot more difficult to create anything.


Shearer is looking very sad now, it's quite sickening to see how he's ending up. Hopefully if we can get some more attackers in he will still have something to offer but without any support or service it's quite frankly embarassing.


Btw I thought Jenas was shite (didn't help that the crowd were against him from the start) and Clarkie's footballing brain and passing ability made both him and Bowyer look like championship players.

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