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What are you listening to ?

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Christ, whenever she hears it now, it must send her west. PTSD in the bread aisle in Tesco.

My 13yr old daughter has just come stomping down the stairs and demanded that I “turn that weird stuff off!”     Isn't it meant to be the other way round?

I thought that was quite a big number as well when I noticed it on the third viewing.

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Jack White - You Know That I Know


An old Hank Williams song that was never recorded. Sounds class :up:


Didn't play it at Hammersmith when I saw him there but he has been playing it on the US tours. I'm hoping he plays it in Leeds in November. He's got a shit ton of his own work that's better of course.

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Honestly man - sometimes I feel like a fairly achieved guitar player and then I hear Bonamassa in full swing. He's on another planet.


I've started to fall out with him a little tbh. It's like he's stagnated and become more one-dimensional. By that I mean, he's very, very Eric Johnson (who's a hero of his I know) and lost some of that edge he had. The last few studio albums all seem to have had the same sort of feel (love the Vienna one though). He's almost too polished if you know what I mean? He seemed more prolific up to and including the Sloe Gin era. Post Sloe Gin, is seems to have gone OTT IMO.


Sat listening to the Paul Jones programme at the minute and the first track they are playing is good though; so hopefully it's more or a new / different direction from him.

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I haven't given him too much attention recently - anything post Sloe Gin he isn't going to top really. Especially with a reputation as a virtuoso - people essentially want to see what you've got as opposed to how good a song you can write - so a lot of the time it's finding a mix between the two. I'd wager about 60% of Joe's listeners play guitar anyway. (You'd bet with someone like Vai it'll be 95%)


So I suppose the OTT thing is always going to come naturally.

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