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What are you listening to ?

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Caught the last minute or so of the new Stone Roses single, sounded as expected.

Anyone hear the full thing?


Aye, heard it a few times now. I quite like it, strong riff and it's catchy. Should be good to hear live.

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Christ, whenever she hears it now, it must send her west. PTSD in the bread aisle in Tesco.

I thought that was quite a big number as well when I noticed it on the third viewing.

My 13yr old daughter has just come stomping down the stairs and demanded that I “turn that weird stuff off!”     Isn't it meant to be the other way round?

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You want to get on Chance the Rapper Gemmill.


That Car Seat Headrest album is raucous as fuck. If you like US style indie-rock its worth listening to mainly because the lyrics rip the piss right out of the current early 20s generation.



Aye I saw a good review of his new album, but it hasn't turned up on TIDAL yet. Yeah that's right, I use TIDAL cos I'm cool as fuck.
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