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What are you listening to ?

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Christ, whenever she hears it now, it must send her west. PTSD in the bread aisle in Tesco.

You got me.  A Priest, an Imam and a Rabbit walk in to a bar and the Rabbit says, “I think I’m a typo”. 

That's because it samples one of the greatest jazz tracks (Cantaloupe Island) by one of the greatest musicians that ever lived (Herbie Hancock). Even US3 couldn't have fucked this one up.

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23 hours ago, Monkeys Fist said:

His version of Gertcha by popular Cockernee Beat combo Chas and Dave is one for the ages. 


:lol: If he'd been a teacher, he'd have been one of those desperate to be "down with the kids" ones, wouldn't he?



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16 hours ago, Alex said:

Been listening to loads of Boards of Canada lately. I sort of gave them a wide berth for a bit because it can spoil stuff if you listen to it too much but, fuck me, they are good 


"In A Beautiful Place..." always comes into my rotation at this time of year since it's the perfect length for the bus to work and is quite fitting when you're sitting looking at pitch blackness, depressed about this endless grind I've found myself in.

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