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L'Equipe: Amstrong tested postive on EPO


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Because the french press don't have an agenda with the foreign bloke who's pissed on their sport. If they all take them though Rob, then it's still an equal playing field, right?  :blink:






I really wish that I wasn't so cynical but then I wouldn't be right so often..............


I'm wondering what they are/were using this year as so few were picked up - something very new I suspect...............................

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I forgot to thank you my Jorman friend


Drug fiends, Lance Armstrong and the BBC ...


couldn't have worked the People's Paula in there as well could you?? :wink2:;);):D

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Spiteful gets!


L'Equipe HQ is in the same building as Tours HQ, they are just gutted that a foreigner is never gonna be beaten! Its funny how every single random test on this years Tour was Lance Armstrong


The bloke is a legend, his normal resting heart beat is 30bpm! Thats mad! Also his lung capacity is enormous, where the average Joe can blow about 350 (no jokes) on one of the things he can aparently do 800!


French pfft losers! Take it a great human has done well at your sport. Be proud its on the Tour de France.

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