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Lads, can you help


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I'm wondering if you lot can help me out here.


I've got a 'friend' who is a CEO of a rather prestigious company.

Last year he got a new line manager in. The one he'd had before had really turned things around and was getting great results, but then some of the staff started to take a few liberties and the results, though not bad weren't quite as good.


Anyway, he gets his new man in, who's known as something of a disciplinarian, but unfortunately, he didn't think about the results this guy had got at the previous companies he'd been at.


Basically, he cracked down on the discipline, but went a bit too far, and upset a few people. There was this one lad, who was, to be honest, a bit of a prick, made his mouth go and stuff, but he was one of the best grafters in the place. Got on the wrong side of the new man and he was gone. My mate had to back the new bloke though, as to be fair, the lad did go a bit too far. Another lad though was brilliant. People said he was a bit lazy, and he might have been at times, but my God, he didn't half get a few good results. The new bloke didn't get on with him though, so out he went and now my friend's company really misses him.


Anyway, they knew that a few people were leaving when the company was closing for a summer break, but this bloke dilly dallied about a bit and didn't get anyone in suitable to replace him. Mind you, my mate really should have got a bit more involved there.


Anyway, now my friend and this bloke are belatedly trying to sort something out. They're waiting to hear back from a lad whose been working abroad for a year. He's shit hot, but would prefer to move somewhere a bit closer to home and will only come to my mate's company if that falls through.

The shareholders are having non of it. They'd love this guy to join, but they just think my Mate and the manager don't have a chance of getting him in.


Basically right, my mate's taking a lot of flack. He dropped a bollock with the bloke he got in and now he's thinking about whether he should get rid.


The problem is, if he gets rid now, that's going to look bad trying to tempt this bloke to join, if he gets rid of the gaffer and this bloke's thinking well no, I won't join because I don't know who the gaffer is. And that could be a big problem for anyone else my mate might want to recruit - which has to happen before next wednesday by the way.


But he's just making a big mess of things. What should he do?

Get rid now and risk messing the recruitment drive up, or should he wait a bit longer, even though the company's results may well get even worse?

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