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  • No Grealish v Steve's decent balanced squad

    Fite! {$excerpt:n} Source: TT-Newcastle United Forum News

  • Steve Bruce’s eating crisps on the toilet mags vs David Moyes divorce paper hammers

    It’s on the telly or live in person at TWO OCLOCK      {$excerpt:n} Source: TT-Newcastle United Forum News

  • The Labour Club

    It’s not very nice is it? It’s handy though. Cheap beer (VDC for some) and fall out the door and through the turnstile – nearly. ...

  • Joe Willock

    Agreed personal terms, for me a great signing and surprising in not only the fact the club has put the money in but also that...

  • Other Games 21/22: Talk about Actual Football

    £50 million on that Ake has to be one of the worst uses of money I’ve ever seen. And yes I know we signed Joelinton,...

  • Matchworn shirts

    Hi just wondering if anyone had any matchworn shirts from past and present?  {$excerpt:n} Source: TT-Newcastle United Forum News

  • Newcastle v Norwich

    Anyone else going to this. I’m rolling up with a posse of kids and grandkids.   If im honest, I would have stopped taking an...

  • crowd watch

    no takeover on the horizon. an owner who doesn’t give a shit. looking increasingly likely we’ll start the season with a weaker squad. a clueless...

  • Pre Season

    First game against York today. Live on YouTube  {$excerpt:n} Source: TT-Newcastle United Forum News

  • Copa America

    The final is just about to kick off. Can Messi finally win something with Argentina? Will Neymar win a Copa America with Brazil?   {$excerpt:n}...