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  1. "You just cannot gamble on the players who have poor CVs and there were a lot of those around," he said. "You have to have a plan. It is when you work off the cuff every day that disasters happen and people who do that get what they deserve" Lolz
  2. Memories of Murder - Story of rural police detectives and their often farcical pursuit of South Korea's first serial killer. Superb
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Just got it. Only two tracks in but sounding pretty f'n good so far
  4. apart from the Samsungs add edge enhancement to everything. If youre bothered about picture quality then it'll piss you off no end Edge enhancement is encoded within the film transfer not part of a dvd players software. http://www.videophile.info/Guide_EE/Page_01.htm many TVs and DVD players add their own edge enhancement too. Its one of those nifty little processing effects that no one actually wants.
  5. apart from the Samsungs add edge enhancement to everything. If youre bothered about picture quality then it'll piss you off no end
  6. luckypierre


    Its not you its the game. Its a pile of shite I think I remember you saying before Wacky that you only played sports games. Maddens canny good, uses the controller well
  7. thats just ridiculous mines probably been 150 at most Did you know each Gig costs the ISP about £1. You're costing them a fricking fortune
  8. Just signed up to Skys Max package. Old ISP wanted rid of me because of usage. Should be fun On a side note I found out something last night. Signal to noise ratio is just as important as attenuation. Mine was only 12 dB and according to all the checks that meant the highest speed I can get is 1 meg, my attenuation is 59. If you open up your master socket you'll see an orange wire connected to terminal 3 which is the ring earth or something. If you have a filter on your sockets (which you will have if you have ADSL) then your phone will still work without this connected. The little bastard acts as an aerial for noise and dcing it has doubled my SNR to 24dB. Now all the checks say I can get 3 meg,
  9. I think it was this for alex or this manc I can remember was definitely this one
  10. was this the sort of thing you're after Renton? check out the mad photshop skillz Happy birthday fella
  11. I find that with most "fashion" labels tbh. Their clothes are made for midgets or gays who are into all that fitted tight shit. What happened to proper bloke size clothes?? Italian stuff (Diesel, Replay, etc.) especially though. Both for men and women. *Insert cross-dressing joke here* Diesel are alright in jeans. At the risk of taking the focus off Gemmills girth I like my stuff loose and take a 36/34. Next and Marksies for work clobber, Stussy, Bape, Caarhart etc for day to day and Paul Smith when trying to look smart
  12. luckypierre


    because the testers werent mongs? You dont even need to use the wrist strap nevermind put enough strain on it to snap http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2006/11/29
  13. King Kong on HD-DVD. Yeah the films shit but the picture quality was outstanding, far more impressive than I thought it was going to be. Its a huge leap over DVD on my size screen. HF, you'll love it. Got the the 360 HD-DVD add on yesterday. Only bothered ordering one cos I was struggling with ideas for a christmas present from the missus. Only thing is the bitch is taking it of me to wrap up
  14. me too. I dont think I dislike any of them in the same way now, probably more to do with my apathy towards things though
  15. What's the verdict? any talk of the new zelda by pm please! The ONM told me not to read their review as it would spoil the game. Its Superb. As for Zelda I'll just say its everything you'd expect it to be. Instantly familiar , which is a good thing, and the new control scheme works really well. Couldnt imagine playing without it. Aslo got Madden, Excite truck, Monkey Ball and Trauma Centre. Trauma Centres probably the stand out game apart from Zelda. The control is perfect and it makes the game that much better than the DS version. Maddens a great example of an existing game being freshened up by the new system, they've implemented the control really well. A bit like the DS its a little hit and miss. Monkey Ball is a bit disappointing. It trys to do too much and a lot of it just doenst work. Theyve definitely achieved what they set out to do though. Everyones who's played it has been well impressed, from age 8 to 50. Wii sports is a really good laugh, if only the missus didnt keep getting strikes on bowling It was a pain in the arse to get hold of one, I had to queue up for five days...
  16. Will be doing the same. Why the 6 year limit though?
  17. Zelda TP and Wii sports at the minute
  18. The best example being the one where Souness throttled Bellamy at the training ground. Leazes believes that as if he saw it with his own eyes. but his opinions are based on facts.... therefore thats not a rumour
  19. It wasnt a dig, honest . Regardless of results you could argue that Daglish wasnt given sufficient time to do his rebuilding job. Its a fact he didnt get as much as Souness, why not? We didnt win less games under Daglish. His popularity? Why was he unpopular? I know its from wikipedia... "However, Dalglish's cautious brand of football proved unpopular with supporters used to Newcastle's previous swashbuckling style; more importantly this careful style was not producing results. Several unsuccessful transfer deals along with a poor start to the 1998-1999 season led to Dalglish being sacked" You've got to admit that the brand of football we played under Daglish was a factor (never said it was the reason he was sacked). Come on dont be pigheaded That lads pretty sound actually, loves his football but he has the attitude that he watches football to be entertained not just to see his team pick up points, I dont think he's alone in that.
  20. He's completely wrong actually. He's talking bollocks if its in reference to Souness but theres some truth in it when it comes to Daglish. The main reason people tired of Dalglish is not because we weren't playing exciting football, it's because we weren't winning games. well we'll disagree then. Like I said theres some truth in it. He certainly didnt get the time in the job that you were so eager to allow Souness and you could argue that he was rebuilding the team to be more solid. Imo the brand of football we produced was definitely a factor. A lad at work actually said he wasnt going to renew his season ticket to watch that boring shite. The fact he came directly after Keegan didnt help his cause either.
  21. He's completely wrong actually. He's talking bollocks if its in reference to Souness but theres some truth in it when it comes to Daglish.
  22. apart from the stadium expansion wasnt really his. The plans were underway when Hall was chairman
  23. No way at all as far as I know. Shit isnt it. Ive given up with ranked games, sick of everyone picking Chelsea or Barca
  24. That's total bollocks tbh. Not at all. Parker's ran about like a headless chicken for a good year and a half now and he's Captain Fantastic. How come Robert, Ginola and Asprilla have all been popular at one time or another then? and all have been called lazy foreigners at some point too
  25. That's total bollocks tbh. no its not.. not total It is like. You're making out that unless you're a grafter, you can't be successful at Newcastle. Which is bullshit. The issue here is a player that isn't performing AND won't graft. That's why no fucker likes Luque, not because he won't chase balls down. no Im not. If you're not a grafter though, and some players arent, you're instantly dubbed lazy, especially if your foreign. At 28 I can appreciate that Luque is used to a certain type of football and unlike so say Fabregas is set in his ways and unlikely to change. That doesnt particularly bother me, its the fact he hasnt really produced anything that does ... and Im not trying to make any excuses for him before you start doing a Leazes.
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