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  2. Coronavirus

    This was a couple of hours ago... I've no doubt this will change this afternoon..
  3. Coronavirus

    I'm sure that's true but then again getting food in is pretty essential. That's the difference. There's good weather predicted for next weekend, which is a double bank holiday I'm far from happy with the prospect of thousands of people descending on the coast as normal personally. Please don't drive for recreational purposes.
  4. Coronavirus

    Tesco was back to being a fucking nightmare when I went on Friday morning. Lass had a full panic attack in the fruit and veg bit cos no cunt was observing the 2 metres. Crying her eyes out and no one could go to comfort her. Some pensioner snuck up on one of the Tesco workers and got her face three inches from theirs to ask where something was. Tesco woman shrunk backwards but was obviously simultaneously embarrassed by her own reaction. Really though she should be saying to the old wife "Bitch, you are the one we are doing all this shit for and you're acting like we're on a date." Another Tesco wife was asking people to observe 2 metres which prompted this arsehole in a face mask to start shouting at her about how it was hard. Which prompted an absolute champ to round on this bloke and tell him to fucking pipe down, she's just doing her job. "An absolutely bullshit retail experience" would be the title of my Google review.
  5. Bruce Manager of NUFC

  6. Coronavirus

    100% From what I've heard, the likes of ASDA and Tesco are absolute free-for-alls.
  7. Politics

    It’s weird because the English word for Tory is “cunt”.
  8. Precedent Trump

    My view on Labour has been consistent since Brexit, it's 10-15 years of the Tories IMO. There is no way a centrist, pro Europe Labour politician could have won the last election, and that particular issue may be watered down in 5 years, but it won't be gone. I don't agree that Johnson has been exposed here, I'm seeing little genuine criticism from anyone other than the usual circles. I like Starmer because of his European views and he seems genuinely progressive, but I have no hope or optimism for the future. I'm a member of the party but might resign membership tbh, I just don't believe in it anymore. That's not a consequence of him, just the position I got to pre-Corbyn coming back once again. No vision, no direction. I'm pleased you feel able to support someone again, and I'll be right behind him when it comes to voting (I think), but in my view we're turbofucked no matter what happens now. Double that for the US.
  9. Coronavirus

    Aye we all know who would tell the Nazis where Ann Frank’s family were hiding I think that folk are more at risk in any supermarket than in your local park. That may not be scientific fact though.
  10. Politics

    Decent first outing as leader on Marr but....
  11. Coronavirus

    Look at these sexy beasts anyway! Banana mocha chop chip.
  12. Coronavirus

    It's not essential but nor is it remotely dangerous or increasing the risk of transmission. As long as you are socially distant at your destination, then you've done nothing wrong. My sister drives to a local park so that the dog can be let off the lead, and some utter cunt has been posting pictures of her car (and others) on Facebook as if he lives in East Germany. Demanding that the authorities do something about it. What a fucking quim. I bet he's got a moustache.
  13. Coronavirus

    Exercise outside the home could be banned if people ignore coronavirus social distancing rules, the health secretary has warned. Matt Hancock told the BBC's Andrew Marr that the government would "take action" if further measures are needed to bring the coronavirus under control. It comes after reports of groups of people gathering in parks during sunny weather this weekend.
  14. Today
  15. Coronavirus

    I don't think driving for recreation is essential personally. Problem is if everyone takes that attitude, beauty spots will be inundated and transmission will happen. Mind, I live in a lovely place. Will the rest of you just FUCK OFF.
  16. Precedent Trump

    first sensible leader for either of the two big parties for quite a while. he was impressive on marr earlier and it sounds like he wants to build consensus. it's a long way to go but that's how you win elections
  17. Politics

    Keir on Marr: my first priority is to apologise to the Jewish community
  18. Precedent Trump

    I haven't. I'm disappointed if he's a sleaze bag. But frankly I just don't give a fuck about the USA now anyway. A declining super power of isolationist nut cases. Why can't you see Starmer winning mate? Honestly, it doesn't even matter at the minute. I'm just relieved to have someone to support again. The world is changing so rapidly, Johnson has been exposed as a phoney and a coward, and millions of people have a viable alternative for the first time in a decade. I think the longer term future is actually positive
  19. Precedent Trump

    Trump has been accused of multiple sexual assaults man. It's the CLASH OF THE TOUCHERS!
  20. Precedent Trump

    Have you seen some of the videos of Biden putting his hands on younger women and girls who are actively leaning away from him? I mean i know he's probably just socially inept but fucking hell. I'd only seen images of it, the videos are painful. I'm pleased Starmer won too but can't see Labour winning anyway.
  21. Coronavirus

    Aye, fuck those cunts on the front line putting their health at risk.
  22. Precedent Trump

    This. I have no idea what Biden has done or said. Doubt it's as bad as saying he'd like to fuck his daughter though. The US is on course fro 30 to 40 million unemployed and probably a million preventable deaths, who will be mainly Republicans. Iirc correctly, no defending president has ever won before in a recession. This will be the worst depression in history imo, dwarfing everything that has gone before it. Trump's handling of it has been demonstrably terrible. He's fucking toast, and what's more will go in the record books as being the worst president in history. Don't forget he didn't even win the popular vote last time Anyhow, I'm rejoining the Labour party today. Starmer is our next pm imo.
  23. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    Jug Eared cunt Liniker was on Andrew Marr this morning defending the cunts. Apparently the situation where clubs who have furloughed none playing staff whilst paying players full whack is a 'complex one'.
  24. Coronavirus

    Also, the politicians releasing these statements, and the police officers enforcing them, are currently spending 40hrs pw outside of their house and socialising with others. It’s a damn sight easier managing a lockdown when it only involves stopping in watching telling on evenings and weekends. The millions furloughed, with houses full of kids, and ordered not to cross the threshold for weeks on end are probably finding it more of a struggle
  25. Precedent Trump

    "I don't see it myself". Apart from the PM of the UK testing positive for the virus. Colossal cunt. America will suffer because of his selfish attitude.
  26. General Random Conversation..

    No but I did try to plug my PS4 controller into the telly to try and control the one I bet on.
  27. Precedent Trump

    The man is the worst kind of sociopath imaginable.
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