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  2. Aside from all the other obvious cuntishness, the stubbornness they’re showing over this Rwanda shit is just staggering. It’s been clearly shown to be ridiculously more expensive than other options, nobody but them wants it, the Lords have tossed it out multiple times, it’s illegal, and yet, even though they all know they’re going to get comprehensively destroyed in the GE, and this will disappear down the toilet with other great Tory ideas, they are still pressing on with it. I’ll be absolutely amazed if they actually send a single person there before they get kicked out.
  3. They’re a nice bunch, the Tories.
  4. It could possibly mean however that ManUtd finish 8th
  5. Yeah Chelsea have played all their easy fixtures for the season after this one tbh, whereas we have a lot of the relegation fighters to play.
  6. Their fixtures are shite. They’re not finishing above us. No sir, not on your nelly.
  7. Chelsea could be our biggest challenge for top 5/6. They’re timing their run of form just right too
  8. Today
  9. Shows one of their problems. Too many individuals and not a team.
  10. Beto just tried and overhead kick and the ball ended up hitting him in the cock. 😇
  11. Chelsea players PROPERLY FIGHTING over who gets to take the penalty
  12. Dele Ali on Sky - “it’s been a strange game, i don’t think it’s 4-0” Nah just checked, it is pal. Four goals to nil.
  13. As funny as it is seeing Everton get hammered we don’t need Chelsea building up a head of steam at this stage of the season.
  14. But he’s good with the ball at his feet…
  15. I heard he was allergic to the 5G that Bill Gates put in the “inoculation “. The more you know … … and, of course, the Genocide
  16. Trying to come up with a response to this but I’m stumped. It’s knocked me for six.
  17. hey man, I should have read this latest post before I hit send on my previous reply. I am more than happy to leave it here
  18. I condemn a lot of what you mentioned in the post above - the blockade of Gaza, the wall, the settlement expansion into the occupied territories, and the current bombing of innocent people and the blockage of aid into Gaza. I condemn Netanyahu and his awful supporters. I also condemn Hamas and theirs. The thing that keeps me awake isn’t the solidarity people feel for innocent Palestinians. I feel solidarity with them too. it is that there isn’t the same level of solidarity for innocent victims slaughtered in similar circumstances in Yemen or Ukraine or Syria, or for persecuted Muslims in China. There aren’t marches in London on the same scale for these other oppressed people because hatred of their “oppressors” isn’t as strong as the hatred people feel towards Jews. You say this online and you’re accused of playing the victim. Maybe we’re all paranoid after the Holocaust. I don’t know. I don’t throw antisemitism accusations around lightly - and I certainly don’t believe criticism of Israel is antisemitic - but people will say “typical jew playing the victim” on Twitter - and that’s at the less offensive end of what I’ve read. We’re talking about one of the most oppressed groups to ever walk the earth. Maybe we are a sensitive bunch. Jews were forced to flee from their homeland by the Romans, then persecuted across the lands they fled to, from the pogroms across Europe to the Holocaust. This is why the state of Israel matters so much to Jewish people. It is supposed to be a safe space for Jews. I’m not trying to defend the nationalists who want to annex Gaza (nor would I defend the clueless Palestinian supporters who chant “from the river to the sea”, which I why I could never join the London marches) but that’s why Israel’s right to exist is important to so many Jews and why we find the the language or hate towards the “Zionist entity” difficult to accept. Like you, I am also worried about the effects of Netanyahu’s leadership. The chances for a new peace process recede and antisemitism increases around the world as long as he is in power.
  19. He literally didn’t turn up to his first match in charge because he had a made up illness.
  20. And say what you like about Howe, but he's never injured, unlike the rest of the sick notes.
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