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  2. Well what happened was you posted a clip of some lass's match where some idiot lass did a pirouette when no one was anywhere near her and announced that it was ASMesque. I responded to it. You've subsequently deleted it. PATHETIQUE MONIQUE!
  3. Didn’t realise you were dislec… dysxlce … had trouble spelling. We can change your username to Doe Lug if that’s what you were originally aiming for? Here to hepl
  4. Has anyone watched Outlast on Netflix. A bunch of "survival specialists" dropped into the Alaska wilderness, with $1m for the last one standing. I fucking HATE camping but I reckon I could have stuck it out for longer than some of the first ones to go. And these are meant to be little mini Rambos. One of them even calls himself Rambo.
  5. I reckon there'll be at least one more goalkeeper in before the season starts.
  6. Is the Luke they’re referring to Onion Boy?
  7. Like I said. First Mitchell signing. 😎
  8. Heard Mitchell was working for us well before he was signed as he was unattached. makes sense as he only came in after the rat went to Man U to be their DoF, maybe if we had Mitchell in then it would have weakened our bargaining position? No idea
  9. Luke is what they call Satori's knob. There's a whole chant about it.
  10. This deal will have been in the pipeline long before Mitchell came on the scene.
  11. Well, I guess if it's for a bucket list this is as near as the poor bugger is going to get to Sunderland playing in Europe. Although apparently the team were bewwed off the pitch again according to this thread... .
  12. In fairness to me I have been up all night weeping about Amanda
  13. Havent fully thought out the Howe comments yet but my gut is that Eddie will probably move on at some point this season unless its a stellar season. Long term though, how long can the players keep up the intensity that Eddie demands? I love Eddie and hope he stays, but think that there will be tension from board down over Eddies loyalty to the likes of Wilson who is constantly injured. Im over the moon that we still have Bruno, Big Joe and Isak and they all seem to be happy. Huge plus as I didnt have much hopes of Bruno still being here, and Id say a lot of that is down to the excellent relationships the players have with Eddie. All we can do is wait and see, 1 month until the start of the new season hopefully one or two new faces in before then.
  14. Presumably this is Mitchell's first signing? Hopefully he's either a first team regular or worth about £30m in a couple of years time.
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  16. Driving back north early this morning, I’d put “create a station” on Decollage by Thievery Corporation. About an hour later, it played this absolute gem… Mag-bliddy-nificent Stuck the whole album on, which is mint, here’s a couple of examples. ( these are on the deluxe version, which has extra tracks- top notch ).
  17. The security bloke when the fantastic support which he's never seen the likes of before left to go to another bar.....
  18. Dougle’s on the daytime drinkiepoos
  19. Five-a-side doesn't count. This kid has time on his side to do Quinny and big Philippe justice.
  20. Careful what you wish for 😂
  21. they are fucking shite and they would both have blank backs
  22. Joe Willock would like a word.
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