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  2. i'd imagine it's one of the ditty's being performed by the caedmon choir at sunderland minster on the 10th.
  3. Amnesty International have gone rogue
  4. Today
  5. Well, more realistically we are only four points behind the team that will probably win it...
  6. Woooooooo you've had too much exposure to this thread
  7. Is this another classic @Dr Gloom version of "Whisper it, but we are still in the title race".
  8. He'll be fit to watch the Euros from his sofa.
  9. still only six points off the top of the table despite suffering one of the worst injury lists the world has ever seen
  10. spot on mate. i mean it's probably not the thread for it but it all self perpetuates too. spaniel lugs gets voted on to the board of n.u.s.t. by virtue of her social media profile, i'm sure should he wish to do so pearson would too. the reality is i've heard infinitely more sense talked by newcastle supporters ten pints in out the back of the percy than these useless twats.
  11. If we had more goals, more points and more players, I'd say we were.
  12. My lads are getting bang into football. My little one (4) asked me last week "Do dirty mackems smell?" "Yes son, yes they do" He also knows the full "Dirty Mackems, dirty monkey mackems" song - which surprised me and delighted me in equal measures. Edit: I also went to his first parents evening ever a couple of weeks ago. The teacher was asking if listens to the White Stripes as he is always singing on the way into school. I didn't have the heart to tell her he was singing "ohhhhhhhhh Anthony Gordonnnnnnnnnn"
  13. If I didnt know any better I'd say we are in a title race 😏
  14. Center Parca is a middle class caravan park. There will be no mackems there.
  15. Been a big 12 days for weddings tbf. Lots of inter-race and same sex weddings too, since you asked. Love across the barricade. Just marras doing marra shit.
  16. aye. it's odd isn't it? sometimes i'm inclined to doubt the sincerity of rtg's champions of decency.
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