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  2. Getting my first jab this morning, wouldn't mind a mild dose of side effects as I'll use it as an excuse to have a few days off work
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  4. This proposal goes to show how much contempt these owners have for the fans. As if any evidence were needed that is
  5. I'm now officially out of the side effect zone and can confirm I felt nowt. Nails. Have you had yours as well?
  6. Bizarre. Theyve got even less to do with it than we have. And we’ve got fuck all to do with it
  7. Mate, I’m one of the few on here that doesn’t treat you like a cunt or a fool but if you’d like me too, feel free to keep acting the way you are.
  8. Holla! All these side effect ridden normies are embarrassing.
  9. I have been to the place but haven’t seen any kids there tbh.
  10. Fuck me! Where do you send them? El Dorado?
  11. No sunlun? They’ll be gannin off it on rtg.6 in a row mustn’t mean automatic qualification.
  12. UEFA are staunchly opposed to the idea and have responded by saying every club and player involved in the Super League face being banned from UEFA and FIFA competitions. They said: "Every club and player participating in the Super League could be banned from all UEFA and FIFA competitions, European or International level."
  13. I am not sure if they are overestimating the market. The money has to come mainly from tv contracts but those stations who often already operating in losses might not want to pay much more. It will also be difficult with existing tv agreements in place, apparently one main reason PSG aren’t into it yet with it threatening the business model of BEIN.
  14. There’s no way this gets off the ground. It would completely fuck the PL. In seasons like this with the title pretty much decided in March then the race for the top 4 becomes what people want to see. To begin every season with six clubs already qualified for the top European competition takes away a huge element of excitement. Why would West Ham and Leicester even be bothering this season? From a UEFA perspective this pretty much shits on their golden goose. Their club competitions will be worth a fraction of their previous value. The clubs involved have surely overplayed their hand
  15. Would love to think that these clubs would see huge ramifications for this stunt but Masters and the PL are as weak-willed as it gets.
  16. Thread of utterly depressing magnificence...
  17. Really could not sum up this club better
  18. I see Bruce's tactics (I know) were to start time wasting by the 15th minute. Clearly playing for a draw and then unexpectedly gets gifted 2 goals and a red card and still doesn't know what to do
  19. Not with Bruce in charge. We will still be playing for a draw and hanging on for 40 (or is it 35 these days) points ourselves
  20. I imagine their reactions will be something along these lines, "Well, ultimatel¥ this i$ £or the good of the game, going £orward the$e team$ are creating an elite league where the ver¥ top player$ of the world can compete, and MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!"
  21. Yesterday
  22. It’s going to be interesting how Klopp and Tuchel react to this because they were dead against it in the past.
  23. The best thing is this is the sort of shite fat Mike would wank himself stupid to be part of but because he took a club that was more competitive and prosperous than Spurs when he bought us to the shell we are today he has lost out on the possible golden egg he could have had! At least he’s saved us the hand wringing we would had to do if we had of been part of these cunts and not dealing with our own cuntish problems.
  24. Feel sorry for the bloke but what does it have to do with corona virus or the vaccine?
  25. £2.5bn to be shared between 12 Clubs (3 more tbc). They'll get their own way unfortunately.
  26. https://twitter.com/LFC/status/1383908621814169600?s=20
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