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  2. Out of interest, did they ask you if you'd had covid-19 and did they say anything when you said you had? I'm wondering if they're taken the chance to research if it makes a difference.
  3. Fripp constantly making eye contact “don’t look don’t look don’t look”
  4. So is one shot of the vaccine all it takes then? I thought you needed two. Or has Renton been lucky enough to have had both?
  5. Tit's actually better than I expected.
  6. Is Jesmond Dene more than 5 miles from Renton Towers??
  7. Today
  8. Can’t get over the lunacy of these latest quotes. No wonder our players look beaten from kick off with this defeatist, serial failure saying shit like this.
  9. This old quote kicking about Twitter . I’m not bothered if he’s actually a toon fan or not (he’s definitely not), as that to me isn’t a requirement for the job, it’s just frustrating to constantly be told off the press that he’s a local lad and toon fan so we should give him a chance then there’s stuff like this out there on record.
  10. I loved the story anyway
  11. love Robert Fripp. I’ve decided I like Toyah as well now
  12. Super Mac 👏👏👏. Supermac 👏👏👏
  13. Lewis is available I believe.The Saint possibly fit to make the bench.BUJ will be eager to answer his critics. 4 nowt comfortable home win.Could be more if Lewis starts.Bring it on !!!
  14. You’ll all thank me for this...it’s a whole world of madness... They live not far from my in laws at Wimborne...I used to work with Robert’s cousin, Dickie Tripp
  15. Not heard that, sad news. Saw them in a couple of times.
  16. Ok so it sucks that this happened and I'm sorry for your pain, truly. BUT Imagine how much the Antivaxxers would love this story A grown man gets vaccinated, starts skipping (something they would doubtless associate with homosexuality), and wakes up the following day concussed and in full body pain. You should sell it to them tbf, it could only be more perfect if you'd bought a Windows upgrade at the same time.
  17. I was so happy being protected yesterday I went skipping down Jesmond Dene in celebration. Slipped on black ice and went arse over tit, banged my head and was mildly concussed. Nearly broke my neck, was thinking it would be quite an ironic way to die. Waking up this morning I'm aching all over and have mild whiplash in my neck. Life is an absolute shit show at the minute. 🤬
  18. The fucking cheek! You need a robot to do the hoovering. If you have any side effects, you'll be drawing up a will.
  19. Make sure you let Mrs G know about side effects when she gets hers mate
  20. At least we know now who’s going to replace him.
  21. I heard fewer complaints from PL when he had the fucking virus. The vaccinated need to pipe the fuck down. "Uh the vaccine that will protect me from dying has left me with a sore arm."
  22. Aye, bad heads and a general fatigue. If it's not careful, it's going to force me to order food in like last night.
  23. Thsts her answer? She sounds, erm, charming... ( wrong arm )
  24. Ive woken up with a sore head too...am thinking it wasn’t the beer & whisky I had watching band of brothers for the 117th time...is this also a side affect?...
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