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  2. Jury still out on Slimani
  3. Dickhead The fans must have asked Pickford what league Sunderland are in now because he held up 1 finger
  4. Fuck me, having watched 180 minutes of the absolute turgid shite Everton serve up under Allardyce I can see exactly why they want him out. How we lost both of the two games I’ve got absolutely no fucking idea. Hope he stays there mind, cos that tinpot club deserve someone as shite as him.
  5. No, I'm watching it illegally because they've been ahead of Sky for about 10 years.
  6. You'd have bring out the kung fu to get sent off against us.
  7. And a number 10. Perez was pretty rank
  8. Shouldn't reward the fucker man.
  9. Some right stick for pickford there
  10. I've only watched the second half tbf but we seem to have played okay with a mincing wanked of a ref making the difference? We're a striker short of being a really good side I think.
  11. Keane could've had 3 yellows this game. Can't fault the effort we put in but we were essentially playing against 12.
  12. Ayy fucking have that Baines you prick, thats what you get for not signing for us!
  13. Yeh we stretch defences a lot more with Gayle.
  14. Even Rafas looking fed up of this one, a mediocre game further ruined by a ref that couldn't be arsed
  15. Leighton Baines has been at the raspberries
  16. Free kick against Kenedy for wearing a black and white shirt.
  17. Shelvey's schmeckel swingers v Hippo Heed's horror show

    Need to start Gayle next game. Alot more free flowing with him up top.
  18. Can't fault the effort. This ref needs pulling though he's been shocking.
  19. I like Yedlin but his final ball in is mixed, to put it politely
  20. Classic Jagielka hand ball. Commentator "that's not hand ball" *other angle shown* "oh"
  21. Theres another one not given.
  22. Kenedy needs to learn not to lose his rag.
  23. No idea but Im not remotely surprised to see Kenedy lose his rag there, they've been all over us all game and got away with it time and again
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