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  2. Politics

    I'd rather have a tory government led by a moderate wet like Clarke or Major than a Labour one under Corbyn. There, I said it. Not May or any of her likely replacements though. I cannot see Corbyn being anything other than a complete disaster, not that he will ever be in power. I support the 7, Hatton can fuck off and die.
  3. Politics

    It's bad publicity but I'm sure there are plenty of other members as or more extreme. I do honestly think the party should be a broad church but people who actively say they'd rather have a tory government than a Labour one led by Corbyn have no place. As I said yesterday rejecting a moderately left wing manifesto they benefitted from in terms of their majorities is a bit much without calling a by-election.
  4. The Guitar Thread

    It was good, aye. A few solos that went on too long, but I guess that's what you get with these blokes. Great slide player though and an engaging character. He seems to genuinely have a bit of a love affair with Ashington, having played the town fair there on Canada day last year. The place didn't cater for many but it was completely sold out. And aye, weird how lined up the gigs are with TPS/Anderton's type guests. I've got tickets for the three anyway - can't really say no for 14 to 15 quid each.
  5. Bitcoin

  6. Politics

    How do you feel about Hatton rejoining?
  7. Today
  8. VAR... really??

    PL has gone full Leazes Mag. Repeat, PL has gone full Leazes Mag. Over.
  9. Politics

    I think Berger has been a true victim and I fell sorry for her but I'd make the point that random cunts on twitter aren't necessarily party members or officials. Some NUFC fans post horrific racist and other bigoted shite but I think holding the club to account is expecting a bit much - though I would expect complaints against ST holders to be followed up.
  10. Politics

    I don’t personally, no. It’s obvious that these antisemitic nutters you speak of are on the rise though. J69 called for evidence - all you need to do is look at Twitter, and Labour, my political party, the party of tolerance, hasn’t done enough to make these people feel their voice has no place. just when Corbyn’s lack of leadership couldn’t sound more gobsmacking, Luciana Berger reveals he hasn’t spoken to her for 14 months. Is it any surprise she couldn’t bring herself to support him in public after over a year of the silent treatment? What a berk
  11. Politics

    That was under a prime Blairite. It's the same numbers game - you can bleat and howl or make great points all you like, without a majority you're powerless.
  12. VAR... really??

    Rugby League has had the Video Ref for years and the rules havent changed for that at all. All the VAR is doing is giving the chance of a relook at an incident. Has the rules of Tennis changed in their game for the line call or whatever it is? If they are going to use VAR it needs to be in ALL games and not just some games. This is one of the arguing points in RL as at the moment the VR is only for Telivised games. With the amount of camera's at games now televised or not, there is no excuse for VAR at all games.
  13. Bitcoin

    Try this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Technical-Analysis-Dummies-Lifestyles-Paperback/dp/0764540440
  14. Politics

    I'm not going to deny that Labour got their strategy hopelessly wrong under the wrong Miliband. He was a coward. But what an utter shit show its been under Corbyn. He's been worse than my worst nightmare. Even the deputy thinks so.
  15. Politics

    The opposition who abstained in the welfare bill?
  16. Politics

    Derek Hatton has rejoined and Galloway expected to. Well done you Corbynistas, youve given the keys of the party to the lunatics and utterly destroyed any notion of an opposition this country had. Dont say you weren't warned. Idiots.
  17. Bitcoin

    Which ones do you recommend to get a balanced view on such a complex topic?
  18. VAR... really??

    I agree, but if you are going to make use of technology, and keep the game moving, it may lead to less delay, which I thought was the original issue. Similar use to cricket and rugby (although I concede they don't seem to save time).
  19. Other Games 17/18

    His header to set up one of Agueros goal the other week was fucking hilarious a kid would get yelled at for that let alone a Premier League player ffs.
  20. Yesterday
  21. The Guitar Thread

    Thats a good series of gigs! Ariel did a brief promo with Lee on the andertons channel the other day. How was the show?
  22. Politics

    Yes. It's rampant apparently. Except no one knows exactly how, other than cos the papers say so
  23. The Guitar Thread

    Went to see Ariel Posen tonight. In Ashington of all places. Pretty talented bloke. Josh Smith is on there next month and Joey Landreth the month after.
  24. Bitcoin

    Read a book
  25. Bitcoin

    Explain how Technical Analysis works.
  26. Other Games 17/18

    Hes played loads for Chelsea this season, Sarri likes to swap him and Kovacic based on...apparently absolutely nothing. Hes just not that good
  27. Politics

    You mean apart from the example he just gave?
  28. Other Games 17/18

    Ross Barkley was a bit shut when he cane on, is he getting games at all?
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