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  5. Atlanta is absolute quality. Darius is one of the greatest characters ever seen on TV Started 3 body problem on your recommendation 3 eps in and I'm hooked
  6. https://x.com/bmay/status/1793586645821988887?s=12&t=7EP1snWKh3ho3iDGAoo5gw
  7. Luke Littler just bagged himself £275k winning the PL darts final. Managed a 9 dart finish too. Some boy
  8. All of this. I love Rebecca Ferguson but Silo is also top notch. Severance is fantastic on Apple TV as well. fallout has been my fav show of 2024.
  9. Same old Hammers, always cheating… It will only get suspicious if the case against Paqueta gets decided by an Azerbaijani.
  10. Today
  11. Yeah, and the rings of power which I personally liked because sad as I am, I was never sad enough to read the Silmarillion and whinge it was breaking Tolkein canon. 👍
  12. Loved Silo but partly cos I have a thing for Rebecca Ferguson, but wasn't sure if we're classing it as Sci Fi really. I mean it is but not space travelling or anything, more dystopian. Which opens the door to loads of decent stuff like the Last of us. Will binge watch Fallout when I renew my Prime subscription.
  13. Refusing to give to charity in a technicality. Let's give him another 5 years.
  14. Surely the FA know West Ham won us the world Cup so he should be allowed to get away with breaking rules.
  15. Aye, there was a non-league player banned for 10 years for doing it once, never mind five times.
  16. They won't notice them now the tories are on their way out. They knew about the parties and all the other Johnson shit long before it came out but only released it when it was decided his time was up. By they I mean the press.
  17. Guardian reporting that West Ham think his career will be over if found guilty. Seems wild that would end your career when Mason Greenwood still has one.
  18. Seems Man U are sniffing around McKenna (as well as Chelsea, Brighton) week before cup final, great timing
  19. Sure, but if he just wanted used us a bargaining position then I‘d still expected it to not get as far as it allegedly did. Especially as it probably brought us back to square one. I am not convinced about this German cunt either.
  20. Nah, they aren’t saying that he’s placed any bets himself. He’s probably doing it to benefit friends and family back in Brazil.
  21. Because he’s used us to get a big pay rise.
  22. Nice one! Season 3 though innit? And yes Fallout was really good.
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