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  2. Coronavirus

    You go to the pub to meet your mates. We may as well just shut the pubs now as ANS says. I do think it will be enforced mind. Don't know if its true but I've heard that on 5% of infections have been linked to hospitality,.so it will do squat all. Yes Gemmill, schools and universities are the major spreaders, along with work.
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    Fucking tramps.
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    A translator or subtitles are required when those buffoons talk
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  6. Coronavirus

    People seem to be behaving in a less cautious manner than they were before the tighter restrictions were brought in up here so I can see this going down like a wet fart. Amongst the ever diminishing number of people even trying to follow whatever the fuck the restrictions are anyway
  7. Coronavirus

    Isn't this just how it was already anyway, just framed as a law rather than as guidance? Either way, I expect it to be observed and enforced about as rigorously as it has been so far
  8. Coronavirus

    Might aswell just close the bars now. They are fucked as it is.
  9. Coronavirus

    You'll be breaking the law mind. Hope you haven't got nosey neighbours!
  10. Coronavirus

    He can fuck off, if I can still go to the pub (which I don't) I will visit my son and D-in-law (live 5 minutes walk round the corner) he's working from home, she's a veterinary nurse and is fully PPE'd when at work (and doesn't use public transport)
  11. Coronavirus

  12. Coronavirus

    Is that really true though, no-one knows yet what potential effect on young'uns is
  13. Coronavirus

    It's not an NHS app though is it, it's Dildo Harding's baby (Serco) isn't it
  14. Coronavirus

    When you say psychological warfare, are we talking about your kids fucking grinding you into dust during the spring?
  15. Coronavirus

    You need to consider psychological welfare as well. I hate agreeing with Trump but he's right in saying children, younger ones anyway, have little to fear from this virus.
  16. Coronavirus

    In fact, strangely I seem more interested in keeping kids safe than their actual parents. I'm a fucking philanthropist.
  17. Coronavirus

    If the dickheads in charge had listened to me instead of you daft twats, the kids wouldn't be ill.
  18. Coronavirus

    Gemmill celebrating 8,000 ill kids to prove a point on the internet. SAD.
  19. Coronavirus

    Fucking bone idle teachers fancying even more holidays I reckon. Just had an email from our Trust saying not to ever self isolate if directed to by the NHS app, and in fact turn the app off completely work. Clearly getting staff into work takes precedence over their safety like. An outbreak here would not surprise me.
  20. Coronavirus

    8,000 pupils and 350 teachers self isolating in Liverpool alone. Keeping schools open isn't working lads.
  21. Coronavirus

    It was only in May so fair do's, easy to miss in your research if you spent less than the 20 seconds I did. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3084634/china-adds-long-term-organ-damage-list-effects-covid-19
  22. Coronavirus

    Could be worse, you could be Dr Gloom and be teaching your kids that 800 divided by 3 is 200. I would advocate keeping their school open given that context.
  23. Coronavirus

    I'd rather die of long covid than home school again.
  24. Coronavirus

    Having kids must be even worse than I had assumed.
  25. Coronavirus

    Sorry, i just don't think it's fair to isolate younger children. Its too damaging. Closing schools should be a last resort.
  26. Coronavirus

    So are schools. Both teachers and students. 20 percent of my wife's class was missing last week, she's probably gone in to find that more are missing this week. It is pointless continuing the pretense that keeping schools open is working. There are entire year groups missing and when that starts happening to the GCSE and A Level kids, that is true disadvange in an exam year. Do the remote stuff to keep them ticking over and then once there's a vaccine get everyone back and work out what needs to happen to catch every one up.
  27. Coronavirus

    He did for long time. Verdict? Happy ending.
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