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  2. Did his best to stuff it up though 🙂
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  5. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    My band mate recommended the JHS Milkman as a pedal to get that suits I style. JHS have a helix/Kemper patch of it on their website for free & it’s bang on
  6. I think you’re right but they must be fucked for the foreseeable from a financial pov
  7. He’s constantly attempted to do a complete history rewrite on his time here. Especially with regard to his general behaviour and his treatment of Bobby Robson. He’ll now start going on about how great it was here and how much he loves the fans, now we’re on the up and have loads of money. No doubt hoping to cash in as a pundit. The odious little cunt. Some player for us but, as Gemmill says, no sympathy for someone with that sort of money blowing it.
  8. I don’t know like. A lot of their fanbase is pretty clued up about Saudi involvement in world affairs down the years. You just need to look at how many of them were discussing the 9/11 attacks on RTG last year. On the 9th of November
  9. Tough fucking shit. He was a multi millionaire and he blew it. Absolute helmet.
  10. One less acoustic guitar makes the world a better place.
  11. Portugese first round of MotoGP this weekend and Saturday sprint races, giddyup.
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