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  2. I'm sceptical as well in terms of him being a replacement for Wilson, I said as much a week or two ago when we were linked again, but if he's actually going to be signed there's no point being ultra negative before he's even played a game for us. Those two bad seasons could be a sign of things to come, or it might be a significant blip of an otherwise average career in terms of getting injured. Wilson unfortunately can be written off at this stage of his career injury wise. And last season six games is relatively little to miss, and he was unfortunate getting a broken cheekbone and being Ill for the other games. I'd be more worried if he was like Wilson last season and seasons before where it's his knees, hamstrings etc over and over again. Albeit Wilson was unfortunate with the pec injury which is the type of injury that rarely happens.
  3. Looks like the Tories have finally located their testicles with respect to Farage. They're all coming out and condemning his comments about Putin. Comments he's been making for fucking years obviously. It's good though, this kind of shit should be called out. I think he'll still end up winning in Clacton, but it'll be great if him subjecting himself to this increased scrutiny ends up being the thing that finally brings him down.
  4. Alternatively he missed: 6 games last season 29 games the season before 34 games the season before that
  5. Us chasing after Oliseh suggests that there is space for at least one big statement signing, so don't start wetting your undies yet, there's plenty of time left in the window.
  6. I'm aware. That's why I said five out of seven seasons he's largely been available.
  7. I've gotta say, Kelly, Trafford and DCL isn't quite the transfer window I was hoping for to take us to the next level
  8. I got to Roker Park four times. Where was this martial mackem attitude then?
  9. I'm too scared to have a look on trg at the minute, it's like a messageboard version of the football factory and it's us that's taking all the kickings.
  10. Today
  11. What are they playing? Doesn't sound like 633 squadron to me?
  12. That’ll be two signings this summer both with poor injury records. Given our record last season at keeping players fit it does look like a real risk.
  13. He's missed 69 games in 3 seasons. DCL, Wilson and Kelly are going to be fighting over the treatment table
  14. Now I know how Andy's old toys felt at Christmas. Even boldon man has abandoned them.
  15. The kind of thing that undersexed housewives enjoy tbh.
  16. If anyone can get DCL back to the sort of form that saw his value go up to 60, 70 million it's Howe. I think it's still borderline as to whether DCL will be a permacrock for the rest of his career, but obviously that ship has sailed for Wilson at his age. For five out of the last seven seasons DCL has largely been fit and available to play. Given our financial situation DCL might be the best we can get for how much we want to spend.
  17. He was utter shite for most of last season when he wasn’t on injured. The only good thing I can see about this is that Everton are broke and this leaves them with two forwards who managed three goals between them last season.
  18. In fairness to DCL he only missed six games last season in the PL, with a few being for a broken cheekbone, and the others for illness. 32 games is a lot more than Wilson has managed in a long time. The two seasons previous were poor for him injury wise, but as back up to Isak there'll be a lot less pressure on him physically. Last year of his contract and still 27, he could be a bit of a bargain, as has already been said, if Howe et al can negotiate a fair price. Edit. Looked at Wilson's stats and he has been available for roughly the same amount of games for a couple of seasons previous to last season, but he was being managed by Howe in terms of minutes where as DCL was starting most games last season. Obviously keeping Wilson as well would be ideal, but that seems unlikely in terms of FFP.
  20. How did he become so rich if he’s never heard of gardening leave? His sales team must fuck off with full customer details and all strategic plans. Sounds like a great place to leave.
  21. As a replacement for Wilson who’s expected to leave. Seems risky in that sense to me, replacing one perma crock with another still leaves us open, we’d still need a third option to mitigate against that. I do think DCL is a quality player in his day, and in a better set up could thrive as long as he stays fit.
  22. Edwards says we’re closing in on Calvert-Lewin. I’m going to be positive and say that this looks underwhelming but will prove to be a bargain
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