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  2. They need the GE as much as anyone.
  3. I fucking wish we had a similar level of protection from these cunts.
  4. Stevie Gee showing his credentials to the FSG ready for when Horse Heed is canned. Unable to be 10 man leeds
  5. Today
  6. Might regret those cuts to the police force now
  7. Fair play to Speedie, wee angry ginger prick
  8. If he is going to work by bike it will send you over the edge..,
  9. I mean I don't want anyone to get hurt, but these arseholes need to get a taste of the strength of feeling in the country, and if that means feeling a little bit uncomfortable whilst protected on all sides by police, so be it. They're very quick to tell us what people outside of the Westminster bubble think about stuff. This is one way for them to find out.
  10. Someone needs to take blood from Haaland and test it. The fucking freak
  11. We’ll miss him when he’s gone. Still, he’s already done his bit in our search for ‘net stupid’.
  12. Aye, if we press high at the ethiad then it could get messy.
  13. 29 pages on wiping your arse. And they say discourse is dead
  14. We laugh but we genuinely did this Man City side is a free-scoring bunch of doped up freaks and it was only a 5 minute spell where they turned the screw that got them back into the game. It’ll be a different story down there like
  15. Well he does spend the majority of his time in Portugal…
  16. It's the burst of their bubble that's the best thing after they started acting like they were back on top of the league again.
  17. Good for Foden that he played like Almiron today.
  18. Could be today if he doesn't get hooked.
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