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  2. Stayed in Pefkos. Not as nice as Lindos but just round the corner really. Lindos is beautiful. As is Rhodes Town (the old town). Been on a Med cruise with a stop at Rhodes Town a couple of times too. The island’s worth a tour if you have a car. The west coast is wild and largely deserted, as it’s windy as fuck. Lots of ruined castles from the crusades
  3. where you staying in Lindos? We went in 2019…. go and see Spiros in the Captains Bar in town, he used to play for a Greek divi 2 side but his lad has gone to Olympiacos I think….
  4. The problem is that loads of Labour members think they own the party and their vision of ‘real Labour’ is the only valid one. The other issue being they aren’t getting elected pursuing the policies they’d like to see.
  5. Aye, we've been a few times. Staying in Lindos which is nice. Can slum it in Pefkos for a change and will probably spend a day in Rhodes town
  6. You missed the bit about it being made by a UK company pre-Brexit
  7. Paying more for a blue passport that isn't blue made in Polland for a French company that isn't as useful and doesn't last as long as the old EU one. Peak Brexit.
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  9. Labour are having a conference meltdown. These cunts don't want to govern.
  10. What a fucking ball aches passports are post-Brexit Flying to Rhodes in 3 weeks. The wife's passport expires 01/2022. Had a random thought that I should double check it's still valid. Turns out it expired for EU use on 12/2020. 13 months just disappeared off it. Easy fix I thought. We'll just pay extra for the "1 week premium passport service". Except it's 9 days until the next appointment at Durham for a 1 week passport. And then it takes 7 days after the appointment for the passport to get delivered Welcome to Tory Britain
  11. While the latest opinion polls still see the tories in the lead we’re now into hung parliament territory. That’s before the fuel debacle. I’m not exactly counting my chickens but I can’t see things getting much better for the government any time soon. A chink of light perhaps
  12. Caught out trying to look like a human
  13. a bloke i work with just lost his father-in-law to covid. he's greek and they were out there visiting as they knew he was on his last legs, but they weren't allowed to see him once he was admitted to hospital and he had to die alone. his mrs is understandably distraught.
  14. he might have looked slightly less deranged if he'd just stuck to the weird head-nodding
  15. Every time I see one of Redwood’s tweets I have to remind myself it’s not from a parody account
  16. Cheers lads, not looking for sympathy, honestly, I do find venting on this place therapeutic though. We all have to face our parents demise at some point, and I'm lucky to have had mine for so long. Just covid makes it so much harder, even if you're not directly affected by it. Families make it harder too.
  17. Whenever I see Burnley,and it’s highlights of their games,unless they’re playing us,they do seem to have more in attack than we have.Plenty crosses into the opposition box to Wood seems to be their Plan A and why not.If only we could get half as many balls into the box ( nee point,I know,with BUJ7 in the number 9 role) .I just always think they’ll survive every year.
  18. Our place has just lost 10% of its annual build because we can't get the required components delivered. Bound to be a cull soon
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