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  2. “Man Utd were so bad that it wouldn’t surprise me if Eriksen faked another heart attack to get out of his contract!” - Me on 8 out of 10 Cats
  3. Just seen that young Hugo only got on at 90 minutes this evening 🙄
  4. Big Ron was the manager at Sheff wed when I played my first season there, 97 I think. We played our matches at the training ground and occasionally the first team would be there if they didn’t have a game. He would take training in them cotton shorts from the 60’s that went past your knee and all his gold jewellery on. He sometimes came to watch the kids teams play, there was two pitches side by side so he could stand in the middle and watch both games. He would keep the shorts and gold on, but put a fir coat on and flirt with the mams.
  5. A maverick gets it right 1 time out of 20. If we can improve his overall game to get it right 1 time in 10 that’s a massive improvement.
  6. The quiet upcoming hiding is Wolves. They can’t score to save their life, haven’t improved the team in the slightest from their terrible end to last season and we’re about to knock on their door. Get through Man City with our pride and they’re there for a battering
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  8. Nah I don't buy that. And even if you're right then he needs to leave and we'll replace him with someone with slightly less talent who can do the other team contribution stuff that's expected of them. I think/hope he can stay, adapt, and thrive though.
  9. He could be doing vlogs from the end of his bed in his dressing gown, like Big Ron did for the world Cup after he'd been sacked from ITV for doing a racism.
  10. The bloke has indeed got bags of talent but surely if he is coached into being a much more practical player, the positive’s in his maverick, artistic side can’t help but be reduced? 🤷‍♂️
  11. Pulisic Is great if he can stay fit. Top player.
  12. ASM is definitely trying to change his game so fair to play him but he is struggling to adapt. Hopefully it comes as he has bags of talent.
  13. Fair play De Gea coming out to chat but wow these are shit. So so so shit
  14. On the plus side those wondering how long it would take to cruise past Man Utd May have already had that one answered
  15. When you enjoy constant stimulation you become numb to the effects, so seek further extremes to achieve the rush a bit of self-discipline would have brought without wackiness or turmoil. That is Fergie's legacy.
  16. I mean, I agree. But he clearly he been listening because there were far fewer mazy runs and more attempts to pass or cross, even if they didn’t always come off
  17. They look rotten. First look at Lisandro Martinez. Didn't realise he was that short. He'll get bullied in this league. They can't get any players in and this start is going to make it even more difficult to attract anyone decent. Shame for Eriksen. He has chosen poorly.
  18. If Keane was e-commerce savvy he'd have set-up his own channel for this season.
  19. This lot are the breakout comedy sensation of the summer.
  20. I bet he’s sat in the dressing room wondering why he agreed to take a step down.
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