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  2. At least you're smart enough not to use a title berating our club.
  3. Although I'd absolutely love it if we caused an Arsenal Fan TV meltdown, can't see anything but a loss. 3-1 to them.
  4. Get back to 4-2-3-1 which is the formation we actually picked up points in. Since we've went to 4-4-2 we haven't won a game. Get us back to being a (fairly) solid and boring side nicking 1-0s until the January window, where hopefully Rafa is given enough funds to make a difference to this dreadful squad with. This upcoming transfer window is probably the most important in the club's history.
  5. First game of the season for me. Last time I went to the Emirates we won 1-0 via an Andy Carrol goal when Hughton was still manager. Cant see any result other than a heavy defeat, unfortunately
  6. Imagine paying attention to anything Michael Martin says. The bloke is a bell end of the highest order.
  7. Today
  8. Some people suggesting the "relegation clause" could be worth nearly £100 million. That could be the shortfall of the tv revenue money £100 million in the Premiership as oppose to £5/6 million in the Championship.
  9. It did come from Ashley, true. Doesn’t mean the deal isn’t close.
  10. There is a lad called trooper Who posts around this way, 'When will the bedsheets come out?' Is what he likes to say, He says it a quite a bit One day it might come true But he's not as glum as Noelie Who's pissed off through and through.
  11. His best option is to accept now and give us the best possible chance to have the best possible January so that we can stay up. The longer he mulls it over the worse it gets for him. Sweat you fat cunt
  12. Finished Godless. Really good stuff.
  13. He's fucked really and it's all his own doing. Little cunt.
  14. Meeting in a London curry house What is this? Only fools and horses
  15. Fatty will officially be a Newcastle fan if he does sell the club, at least for the rest of this season.
  16. Ritchie as a No 10, has vision and an eye for goal and isn't a flower, like Perez
  17. He's backed right into a corner the fat little shit
  18. Well you sound confident. So my money would be on you. Go on Tom lamp the fat cockney git !
  19. If he fcuk's this up i think i'll cry
  20. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11678/11170842/newcastle-relegation-compensation-clause-a-sticking-point-in-takeover-deal Gulp best get that champagne put back
  21. Released it and then "didn't deny it" when asked. Cunts.
  22. Get in Fleetwood
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