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  2. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    One goal in the French second tier last season.
  3. Politics

    So the choice at the next election is the man who paints cardboard buses or the man who goes round looking at man hole covers.
  4. Politics

    Aren't they all?
  5. Politics

    Sounds like he's just making it up as he goes along, like a shit Keyser Soze
  6. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    There is an open window. We always can sign the Next Emmanuel Riviere.
  7. Today
  8. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Succinctly put, the fat cunt can never see past his own greed.
  9. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

  10. Ashley Out

    Thank you, also thanks for admitting you had little time for us, we don’t need people patronizing us and pretending we are a club widely loved by other sets of supporters. Admittedly I don’t like your club, but that’s football and this isn’t a football issue as you’ve hinted at. I’ve said this before somewhere but the people who support and defend Mike Ashley can’t call themselves real fans of football. I exclude only the mackems, but they are a fan base that supports men grooming children so the less said about them the better. The moment a pundit defends him I lose every ounce of respect I had for them, regardless of what they have done in the game. This is all because men like Ashley are a threat to the game we love, or now in the case of many Newcastle fans loved. He has no desire, and no interest in allowing the club to rise anywhere above 17th, in fact given the choice he’d rather avoid the actual football piece all together if it was possible. Football was a sport I absolutely loved, but to be frank my interest in the game has decreased to apathy. I barely even cheer Newcastle goals anymore, and if I’m not able to watch the match I’m not desperate to check the score on my phone, in fact there have been times I’ve forgotten we were even playing. It should be a warning to other fan bases, but many continually defend Ashley past the point of simply taking the piss. I’ve seen it even stated Rafa has spent £200m so should be happy, completely disregarding all of the talent that walked out the door to fund that amount, also disregarding the rigid rules for who he could and couldn’t bring in as replacements which severely hindered any chance to adequately replace those departing players, let alone improve on them. To see reporters like Luke Edwards support Mike Ashley, and then play it off like ‘we have to be fair to both sides’ just to drive controversy and clicks in a moment like this sums up the position the game finds itself in. We’ll one day get rid of this parasite, hopefully sooner rather than later, but with the money in the game there will be plenty out there like him that see opportunity to bleed these clubs revenue streams while asset stripping at the same time.
  11. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    The mackem slayer is the answer surely?
  12. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I'd have more confidence in Shola's hat collection doing the coaching than him
  13. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Who needs world class coaches when you have Shola.
  14. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    One coach to help train 25 players, fuck me Wants to be a club where we develop players but won’t even stump up the cash to do that properly. It’s beyond a joke.
  15. Politics

  16. Rafa Gone

  17. Rafa Gone

    Clearly a man who's opinion is worth listening to
  18. Rafa Gone

    Always trying to see good in people that lad, a true man of the cloth
  19. Rafa Gone

    Wraith was on TalkSport more or less defending Ashley.
  20. Rafa Gone

    This on N.O. NUFC Dave Just rang the club to cancel my ST and not one effort made to stop me doing so. “What’s your supporter number” ... “ok done thanks bye” You'd like to think the phones never stop ringing
  21. Rafa Gone

    Edwards still arguing the toss
  22. The Cricket Thread

    Nice distraction from the shambles at st James today. Massive game with Sri Lanka threatening to creep in through the back door if we slip up again. Got to bowl first if we win the toss. Been raining overnight, moisture in the air and a lords pitch with a green top. Probably drop Moeen and go with a 5-strong Sean attack of Archer/Wood/Woakes/Plunkett/Stokes
  23. Rafa Gone

    "It is a facht Ashley had me on my first strike after I missed the 17/18 Swansea away fixture"
  24. Rafa Gone

    Not the 'it is a facht' takedown of Ashley I'm hoping for
  25. Politics

    The fat twat Ferrari on LBC has just repeatedly asked him when this make-up photo with him and his lass was taken and who released it. He refused to answer about 6 times. Ferrari ended by pointing out that it's apparent it wasn't taken any time recently as his hair in the photo is completely different to how it looks today.
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