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  2. Can we not just end all the division and nastiness and all just agree that TGQ is a cunt?
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  4. More Welsh than KCG is scottish
  5. I'm 1 eighth Welsh. Cmon the dragons
  6. Oof, good luck with the last 35 minutes now, Wales.
  7. Is that Jo Cox's husband? If you do mean Jo then she was murdered after the referdum was called mate
  8. Joe Cox isn’t available for comment tbh
  9. Someone needs to tell the farmers and the fishermen.
  10. Stoicism is high t my friend. Practiced by Greek gods
  11. I'll be honest, all this talk of unity just feels a bit low t.
  12. It certainly wasn't nearly as vitriolic as this before the referendum was called
  13. Exactly, it’s working both ways. You can’t make politics divisive and hostile for years until you get what you want, but then expect niceties once you are on the receiving end just to “move forward”. Brexiteers just reap what they sow.
  14. The vaccine rollout success has me thinking that we do have something about us and will be fine. We're a tiny island and one of the worlds biggest economies for a reason
  15. Well yeah but I think to some extent that's what has/is happening. People in here sharing stories about Brexit being a fuck up is just for consumption within an echo chamber. It's nice to have validation that there are other people out there as frustrated by it as I am. I don't go out of my way to argue with Brexit voters, it's really a non-issue for me day to day other than that I still think it's fucking stupid. I mean I take the point though, I have tried to step back from a lot of it.
  16. It has to get to a point where you realise that arguing with them is achieving nothing though. Let them reap what they've sewn. Things might even end up okay eventually
  17. I'm trying to talk about politics less It's still not great really but lockdown ending and the return to socialising is helping me somewhat, as I'm sure it is everyone else. Is Pregablin over the counter? I'm considering medicating for it in truth.
  18. I think respectfully disagreeing is only possible when everyone is arguing honestly. If someone is taking disingenuous or obviously poorly informed viewpoints, and treats facts that counter these views as personal attacks, then there's really no room for respectful disagreement. I would still, to this day, have a respectful conversation with a leave voter if they were prepared to engage on it properly. I would also contend that your average leave voter has more of an emotional attachment to leaving, rather than a rational one. Whereas you average remain voter is the other way aroun
  19. How's the social anxiety anyway @Rayvin? I recently discovered Pregabalin. Bliss.
  20. I mean the hostility in politics is just tiring exhausting and outright depressing at the moment. What happened to respectfully disagreeing on issues?
  21. I have to say mate, I'm further than I've ever been from caring about political unity or finding common ground with people on the other side of the debate in this country. I'm still fucking pissed about it. I don't see why I should be quiet about that just to make some leave voters feel like we're all unified. I have never felt less British than I do right now, and I'm struggling to see what in their 'vision of the country' I would even want to unify on. Live and let burn is pretty much where I am at the minute
  22. Aye. Presenting arguments in a less hostile fashion would go some way to preventing polarised politics. On both sides.
  23. Ah, Remoaners sticking to moaning but not being nasty is all you do want?
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