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  2. Meanwhile, what happened around 2015ish to make us the sick man of Europe again?
  3. The shirt that's hung up in their changing room. Louise Wanless was their player liaison officer who died last year at 52.
  4. Looks like the next tory target is the civil service, not that we didn't know that. Daily Mail has gone fully swivel eyed on the issue, and the ludicrous attack dog Fabricunt has been unleashed.
  5. What am I looking at here? What's wrong with the face of the guy on the left?
  6. You need to get bought by someone that isn't a grifting bellend. This was a canny touch tbf.
  7. That’s all we can do. The opportunities are getting smaller for a team to compete regularly
  8. Today
  9. I’ve been t’ Leeds and I’m due into the central at 9.30. Thank fuck I’m not an hour or so later.
  10. Hanging around so he can sign for us next summer tbh
  11. Real who haven’t bothered about financial fair play by spending astronomical sums they do not have…
  12. This is where Have I got news for you have a fucking lot to answer for. You'd think the fucker would be grateful to the BBC but his ego probably doesn't acknowledge it.
  13. They became the mega-rich club they are by selling their training grounds to the City of Madrid, which, conveniently, had just changed the zoning of the grounds, allowing it to be used for office and residential developments, and also served to massively increase the land value. The sale cleared the clubs debts. Blow it out of your arsehole, La Liga
  14. It's 'Wakey' apparently, or 'Waykah' if you're local.
  15. Several decades of which were a fascist state at that.
  16. Also, weren’t Real Madrid basically state owned for decades?
  17. If there’s any further evidence needed that Real Madrid have La Liga officials in their pocket it’s this tbh. Let’s just conveniently forget that Real Madrid had matched the PSG offer prior to this.
  18. Aye same. Interesting though the comments around 'we just need a change, give Starmer a chance' etc. Wakefield won't be the only place thinking along those lines.
  19. Mbappe announces he's re-signing for PSG. La Liga (not even Real Madrid) throw a total strop
  20. I’ve little sympathy with stupid cunts who think all politicians are the same but thought Johnson was different like
  21. Dougle

    Eddie Howe

    "People talk about them being the richest club in the world, but Eddie Howe has kept them up by signing Chris Wood and Dan Burn, not Messi and Ronaldo." Aye
  22. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/robbie-savage-delivers-end-season-27024639?fbclid=IwAR0QNr6Dee0d_7Na2Nzuc1kYpkx_PVyA_3T3lOEP64y2knnKG36KnFIyx4g Wow, We got an A. Cheers Sav Dawg
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