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  2. I didn't see it, but was it an internet poll?
  3. I see where you're coming from, but take Gordon's one as an example. It could be argued he didn't gain an advantage because his hand was actually knocking the ball out, or he did gain an advantage because it kept the ball closer to him and therefore easier to keep possession.
  4. Really? Who the fuck thought that? Just a freak game, these things happen. The worst part of it though was I think it impacted on our confidence and future results. Hopefully that is dispelled now though.
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  6. Passed that onto the family WhatsApp group so a few CUNTS can read it.
  7. There's nothing wrong with voting against something, maximising the chances the tories are voted out of power or even (hopefully) obliterated. Get rid of them and then the constant pull to the right might be tempered. They'll either position themselves more centrally or become more extreme and become an irrelevance. Insinuations that Streeting is anywhere near the same leval as Sunak or Braverman are frankly insulting. The tories will have us out the ECHR if they won another election. Let that sink in what it would do to the the World and our children for generations. You should fight against that. Your choice. though.
  8. I like Benn but he’s another one who lost the plot with his anti-establishment Brexit bollocks
  9. TBF even the Lib Dems aren't committing to rejoining the EU. It's simply off the table for the forseeable.
  10. That’s great thanks, and one in the eye for the dozens of TT punters who cheerfully commented that they thought Liverpool should have and actually deserved to win after the game
  11. Did not expect to log in today and find Rayvin demanding that Starmer back dat ass up.
  12. At the end of the game. If you read that article, basically you take all of the shots that each team had and their associated xG and you then run thousands of simulations of the match (up to 100,000). By the time you've done that, you've got a distribution of Newcastle wins, Liverpool wins, and draws. Let's make numbers up, and say it was 60% Newcastle wins, 10% draws and 30% Liverpool wins. So Newcastle's expected points would be (60% * 3) + (10% * 1) = 1.9 points.
  13. Totally normal segment for a "news" channel https://twitter.com/AvaSantina/status/1706777983241822705/mediaViewer?currentTweet=1706777983241822705&currentTweetUser=AvaSantina&mode=profile
  14. It’s a screenshot from my phone embedding wasn’t working for me.
  15. I figured I'd venture back to podcast land after the 8-0 win and stuck the football ramble on for the first time in a while. Wish I hadnt bothered, they had Sunderland fan david cartlidge on but he was actually alright. I dont think ive heard "newcastle supporter" pete donaldson say anything remotely positive about the club in years though, we won 8-0 and still all he did was fucking moan.
  16. Kalvin Phillips: Pep Guardiola admits failing to replicate Kalvin Phillips' Leeds form at Manchester City - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/66931028 That's him leaving in the summer
  17. So was it 1.93 at the start, after VVD got sent off, or at the end? It’s got to be at the end iI’d have thought? 🤔
  18. In answer to your question, the Liverpool game was a decent part of it. Our xP in that game was 1.93 to their 0.81, but obviously we got 0 and they walked away with 3. https://understat.com/match/22304 The stats tab there shows you. If you click on the timing tab and then on Nunez's goals in the time line you can see how absurdly unlikely it was for him to score twice from two shots with a combined xG of 0.36. But that's what the cunt did.
  19. BBC news yesterday, UK workers going on the sick in big numbers, concerned look on the presenter's face, stock photos shown of healthy looking young people with a cardigans on sitting on settees with a presumably mug of tea/coffee. Today, same presenter big smile, 'despite the cost of living crisis the super yacht show is expecting to carry on as normal in Monaco' then gives anecdote about looking at the lovely yachts on holiday in the south of France with her family. Mentions the cost of living crisis a couple of times in this story. No wonder the narrative is fivked in this country. There's no cost of living crisis for people buying super yachts!
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