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    • Class. I always love them bringing up play-off trips to Wembley as being a point of pride, you only go because you’re not good enough for automatic promotion if we’re at the stage of counting that shite then we’ve got two recent league titles, fucking morons. 
    • Of course that will work.  Fuck me, I thought senior was stupid, but he redefines it.
    • We did the right thing, the deals weren’t there so we didn’t overstretch for lesser targets. Getting rid of Shelvey is a no brainer, I know Glooms view on him but my personal opinion is he’s absolutely no miss whatsoever so I think we’ve done phenomenal business getting shot of him for what we did, plus the bloke is a cunt (Jonjo not Gloom 😉).   Maybe we could have made our top 4 challenge stronger, but at the same time I fancy our chances even with the current CM especially with Gordon coming in meaning J7 can drop to CM as and when needed. We will have a lot more firepower in the second half of the season with Isak and Gordon, having those two in will also stop Almiron getting the coverage he’s received recently. I don’t think Connor Gallagher was the separator between us getting Top 4 or not tbh. 
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