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    • 1 shot of Pfizer gives you 90% immunity at 2 to 3 weeks. You're then due a booster, mine was scheduled for 6 weeks but has been delayed to happen "within 12 weeks". Its likely immunity will last that long, but not certain. 
    • No they didn’t, they asked about medication and reactions to other jabs etc..   Its apparently wise to be vaccinated even if you’ve had it though, increased immmunity from infection is only thought to be five months or so... 
    • Aye, I go for walks at lunchtime sometimes. I wasn't skipping but the rest is true. Although it happened on the busiest part of the dene, the concave bridge in front of the waterfall, so I had the added indignity of crowds of people watching it happen, watching a concussed me slip again trying to get up, then scrambling on hand and knees to find my Galaxy earbuds.  Theyve got a detection system where they chirp using your phone, handy when at the back of the sofa, bot all use next to a water fall! Anyway, I had to give up (£150 wasted), but found them in my hood when I got back fortunately.    I can see the funny side fortunately.  After I got up whilst recovering I witnessed 2 other people fall at the exit same spot, its fucking lethal.   
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