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    • Players will just follow the cash. Fuck the "ESL" clubs all off out of the current leagues and let them play in their ESL. Proper football will reset itself with the help of "legacy fans" (what a fucking term!!) , will take time, but could be a blessing in disguise.
    • The way they've apparently distributed the cash isn't even equal within the breakaway league. So, Barcelona get a larger share of the initial pot e.g. Afterwards, if a new club joined, they'd have no say vote in the running of the league, smaller share funds for participating and if they were to win the thing, they'd get less than the original clubs do, simply for playing in the group stage.   There's no sporting point in the thing, it's entirely down to the big boys not liking competition. So they're not bothered about 'legacy fans' and are chasing future fans instead. Those future fans that'll soon get bored of watching their chosen team get pumped every week. Which means those fans who've not got any real ties to the club will simply change allegiance to whoever's winning all the time. Arsenal and Spurs playing pointless games for 90% of the season, in front of smaller tourist crowds.   Can the football associations ban players from being traded to or from those clubs for money?  Can the players refuse to take part in it? PL players contracts are with the FA, aren't they?    
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