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    • Aye, for me I've got misophonia and aside from sounds like noisy eating (which is by far the worst trigger for me) another one is very high pitched voices which some female commentators can trigger when there is goalmouth action etc. So sometimes I have to switch off.   Then again, you have arseholes like "Fletch" who I can't listen to either, just because they are arseholes. Maybe I'm just an old fecker. 😂   End of the day the best people should get the job, whether it's men or women, not filling it with the likes of your Michael Owen etc but your John Motsons, Barry Davies, Gabby Logan's and Laura Woods.
    • Not meaning to take anything away from anyone's experiences, you lovable cunts all need to read more Poe.   "Sleep. Those Little tiny slices of death.".  
    • Fucking hell MF, so sorry your Dad and his (your) family had to go through that. And that's another thing isn't it, completely unfair on the person affected but also likely that it will scar the family. Everyone deserves a painless and dignified death. 
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