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Any other nominations for the Charity Donation?
If not Project Santa wins by default - which is fine, just checking everyone has seen the thread. 

On behalf of myself & the other admins and I would like to thank our Patreon Members & regular members for a very successful year for the board. in recent times it looked like we may not survive, or that'd we'd struggle to be the board we know and love. Our members are what keeps us going & what separates us from Social media or other message boards. 
We have some great characters, whether we're talking about football, politics, music or whether we stand or sit to wipe our arses. The other day I was quite shocked when I read the profile of someone I'd regarded as a 'newer' member only to be surprised that they'd been here for over a decade!
Toontastic Patreon was set up to help us run and pay for the board. The amount this costs can fluctuate for a number of different reasons, such as software, hosting, licences and Andrew buying guitars. However, thanks to the generosity of our members It quickly became apparent that more often than not we'd have surplus income at which point we took the decision to run as a non profit organisation and donate our surplus funds to a charity of the patreon memberships choice. 
Initially the idea was an annual charity donation voted on by the membership. However events at the around the world and at the football club prompted us to make to earlier donations to British Red Cross Yemen (£75) & British Red Cross Ukraine (£75). 
This year we had some wonderful suggestions for charities to donate to, however our runaway winner was Newcastle West End Foodbank! This afternoon we were able to make a donation of £500. Before the recent Cost of Living Crisis orchestrated by the Conservative Government life was already tough enough for a vast amount of families across the country, especially the often neglected north east. 
This money will make a difference to people's lives & hopefully their Christmas! 
Once again, thank you to everyone who made this possible! Much like the football club, We go into the next year stronger, smarter and better looking than ever.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Thomas, Martin, Andrew - 
(and the mods) 

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