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  1. @DancerGuard @DaveyLockhart @hilarymv @MentornMedia @MentornMediaUK @BBC_Commission @daily_politics I'd rather have… https://t.co/ctCH3SDG0y

  2. @LizKershawDJ @SkyNews @NigelNelson @skystephen Don't press; just read that one of those caused permanent hearing d… https://t.co/a2oeiwHRqW

  3. @TelBabe @PauljePaul The little people of the indigenous population have never mattered less. Our lords and masters… https://t.co/YtAMs47McS

  4. @steve_hawkes Can that be a British politician speaking? Surely not - not a weasle word in there.

  5. @melvynprior Bleeding Hearts and things. The cold weather is keeping the flowers looking good. https://t.co/BO1b27G7w3

  6. @LizKershawDJ Frying pans and fires is the first thought. 2nd thought is 'Where's that Laurel & Hardy dvd'?

  7. @Lord_Sugar Congratulations 54 for us coming up. Neither of you have changed a bit. Can you lend me five bob till Tuesday?

  8. @melvynprior @BBCRadioLincs Asked Elaine's advice re small hh found next door in daytime couple of years ago. Put… https://t.co/tfYsI9yf09

  9. @Mike_Fabricant That's all right for a commoner but for a King? https://t.co/kYCtWEEFMJ

  10. @ShehabiFares And we'll be waiting at the border handing out details of how to claim benefits.

  11. @steve_hawkes Trouble is Ken's US isn't the same US as the the rest of Us's US, if you know what I mean.

  12. The Last Englishman. https://t.co/ZxfR70bkEk

  13. RT @smartnotstupid: Breaking News! The two main political Party’s have announced plans to drop their names to ones that fit in with their…

  14. @HugoGye @steve_hawkes @BLazarus1 Eleven out of Ten for initiative.

  15. @ThomasEvansGB @PauljePaul Because virtue signalling is the in thing and politicians must be trendy.

  16. RT @ShehabiFares: "Why did you attack Iraq in the 90s?” USA: “Because we suspected that they had WMD’s”. “Why did you attack Syria now?”…

  17. @DVATW All over the western world governments and MSM are proving to be enemies of the people.

  18. @StigAbell I am currently holding onto the furniture to stop myself floating around the ceiling.

  19. @piersmorgan Winning isn't everything. Being a soccer snowflake you wouldn't last a season as a Sunderland fan.

  20. @steve_hawkes It's Sir Hunphrey wot dun it.

  21. @thecarolemalone Not the Sunderland Echo? I should think going to university would be a disadvantage if you want t… https://t.co/EsukAeKPbK

  22. Our biggest fans this week: @PauljePaul. Thank you! via https://t.co/Az8dgporqU https://t.co/EW4p8XOY7H

  23. RT @leedsforbritain: 'There is a new party ...' https://t.co/d1K1vVSEtK

  24. @toryboypierce @Michael_Heaver @realDonaldTrump The Nobel lot wouldn't give it to him even if he turn the oceans i… https://t.co/Er0Xz91JMc

  25. @LizKershawDJ Do they get paid for these forecasts or is the knowledge that folk are gullible enough to fall them… https://t.co/BhPHr8IzRf

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