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  1. Ah I wish I got to see the game today....


    Seen the REading one, but this was the one to see, seems to me...


    I was watching a film today and when I opened livescore on my mobile, we were 2-0 up. Couldn't beleive it, and spent the rest of the film looking every two minutes the score ;)


    What was Taylor's celebration like? I had to download the video of the Celta Vigo goal just to see that Forrest Gump run :D Was this one today anything like the first one?

  2. Whatcha sayin?!?!?!


    Okay the mono-eyebrow is ugly, but real Frila Kalo looked like that.


    Other than that, she looked sexy in that film!!!


    Remember the scene where she dances with anoter woman and kisses her after the dance....


    Don't be silly! Salma is H-O-T!!!!!

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