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  1. For any guitar players/enthusiasts on this forum.


    I am selling my Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar to help fund the purchase of a new Taylor acoustic.


    It is black with gold pickups, tuners etc, and a white rim.


    It was purchased new in 2001 (2000 model) and the current RRP of a new one is between £1999 and £2499 from what I can see online.


    There is a little bit of paint damage on the back of the guitar due to wear and tear with it being gigged over the past 7 years, and a couple of tiny marks on the back of the headstock.


    Apart from that it is in incredibly good condition.


    I am looking for £1300 for it (or your best offer), and it comes with a genuine Gibson guitar case. PM me or reply in this thread if you're interested and we can organise for you to see it.


    I think it is the exact guitar on the link below:



  2. I have to say some of the over reactions on the forums today have been laughable. We were definitely the better team in the first half. It was only when their goal went in, and then Sibi and Emre got injured, that we lost all our shape. I thought we did alright up until that point.


    I, however, believe that we should go fro Big Sam. If he wasn't available I'd say stick with Roeder, but the current best English manager is available and in my opinion we need to go for him.

  3. Someone has, quite rightly pointed out, on Newcastle Online, that in the picture of Bez and Beardo holding it, you can see the stripes on the back. They must start below the black panel that's visible in that pic. Or it's a photo of a different shirt.

  4. These qoutes came out a few days ago, and weren't in this context. He merely states in the original article (which I can't be arsed to search for) that he can't understand how anyone could turn down this job. It was more of a compliment to NUFC than a snipe at O'Neill. As usual though, the media have put their own slant on it.

  5. Yep. I'd prefer Solano left back to Carr left back. Has a much better reading of the game. In fact, I'm pretty sure Solano could occupy any outfield position and still look better than some of the players we have out there.


    And it doesn't really matter whether Dyer or Milner play on the left. Both would be out of position, but I think Dyer would cause more problems with his pace than Milner.

  6. "Can I be the first to say. Piss off what do you think we will do presumptive twat."


    That's a bit harsh.


    To be honest, I think there'll be a fair few people showing up tomorrow who are just waiting for some of our players to make a mistake, just so they can either be proved right (people who are slating Huntington, Pattison, Ramage etc.) or so they can have a good moan at Roeder / Shepherd if things don't go right.


    You only have to go over to Tyne Talk and Talk of the Tyne to see that.


    So in return... piss off you presumptive twat. :baby:

  7. I really hope everyone can put their anger to one side for the West Ham game. We need to win this match, and we need to get behind the team. And that doesn't mean getting behind them for ten minutes until someone makes a mistake and then getting on their backs.


    We have to remember that the players confidence must be in shreds after the Brum game, and we can't afford to start moaning at them. Remember - we've still got a massively patched up team - with Hunty and Edgar and Pattison, and Carr coming back (Roeder says there's a possibility he'll have to play out of position - which I'd imagine means CB).


    We need to create an atmosphere tomorrow that'll emulate the atmosphere of last seasons Portsmouth game (after Souness was fired). Everyone was shit scared of what may or may not happen, but we were all in it together. I remember that day being one of the best day's to be a nufc fan.




    Cheesy I know, but the sentiments right.

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