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  1. Lurked here for age's but rarely posted. Anyway, cannot stand Gypo's, so thought i'd pass on my experience of them. A few years ago me, the missus and son went to Legoland and stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Slough. There is a carvery type pub over the road where we went for Sunday lunch. We sat outside for a drink afterwards when three generations of Gypo's turns up but just women and kids. Grandparents, mothers and scruffy little kids. They sat next to us and immediately started verbally abusing us looking for a bite. Fucking this and fucking that, yer missus is a slag and various other niceties. I tried not to bite too much, bearing in mind we had our 7 year old son with us, so just said a couple of words and then left.

    We got back to the hotel to find the entrance glass doors had been smashed. Gypsies had wanted to come in but had been refused so smashed the doors. I mentioned what had happened to us to the concierge and was told that it is quite commonplace. The women look for a bite off a bloke and if they get one phone their husbands/boyfriends up, who then quickly appear on the scene to beat the fuck out of the said victim. Despicable bastards the lot of them.

    Legoland was canny mind.

  2. Give this place a go, its got excellent facilities, spotlessly clean shower and toilet facilities, pitches with electric and is in a good spot with a view across to the castle.





    have you got yourself an electric hookup cable as well? we grabbed one off ebay for about £12 I think.


    oh and Tesco have a double stove with grill for about 30quid.


    Thats looks and sounds a lovely site however for next weekend I need one within 15 miles of flamingoland as thats where we are taking the bairns on the Sunday. Any suggestions welcome.


    Re the electric hook up, what do you actually use it for? Do you take a telly with you????


    Will 20 miles away do? Been here http://www.goldensquarecaravanpark.com/ 3 times and it's a great site.

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