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    GTA IV

    Same here - work always spoils my fun Early finish for me then!
  2. 3bitbob

    GTA IV

    Ordered mine form Play last year. Wasn't till a few days ago that I got an email saying that my card had been declined. Forgot that hid expired back in November and forgot to change my on-line details - Fuck Its all paid for so I'm hope it will be in the post today. Apparently there was a disagreement between the publishers and Play over what day they could post them out - then being in Jersey and all that. Just my luck for me to be waitng a few extra days for delivery when I could of just popped to Morries and picked one up
  3. Would be better if he didn't invite his mates on everytime he has no other guests The amount of times Ricky Gevais and Jack Dee have been on is ridiculous. Parky still the best even though he has stepped down from interviews
  4. I do my business banking with Barclays. They gave me 2 years of no charges because I'm an existing customer. No problems in over 3 years now.
  5. 3bitbob

    First Car

    Old 'Y' reg Mini - Blue with purple seats Floor on the passengers and drivers sides was full of holes where it had rotted away so you could see the road pass by like the flintstones car and water lept in when you went through puddles. Total wreck of a car - bought it off some bloke in Felling for £50. Failed its MOT 4 months later and due to the amount of work required went straight to the scrappie Learnt my lesson after that and bought a Astra mk2 - D814 WVK Silver with a black spoiler for £1000
  6. Zantac always works for me
  7. 3bitbob


    Like mine in the oven on a Sunday as yorkshire puds Cannot stand the fuckers as pancakes
  8. 3bitbob


    Drank 10 pints of piss then pissed 15 pints? I tried a night on Fosters last week. Took me ages to get drunk. Aye I agree it is cooking lager
  9. 3bitbob


    10 Pints of Fosters last neet and a Kebab - pulled the trigger and nearly blew the back of me strides off! Worst ones ever are after eating that BeanFeast stuff They smell exactly the same on the way out as it did in the kitchen the night before You can almost chew them too!
  10. Spot on He is a disgrace and a spaz - Don't know why the Chronicle don't give him the boot. He knows nothing - nobody wants to talk to him - has nothing new to say - gets all the top stories wrong.
  11. My dream is for Keegan to broadcast a brand new rendition of his "I would love it!" rant on the final game of next season already 12 points clear on ManU playing them at home and shafting them 7-0. What do you think about that Fergie!
  12. I think its a master stroke by Ashley. I think he epitimises what NUFC is all about - I'm not expecting him to turn things around straight away but he has giving me my appetite back for Newcastle United. Acctually looking forward to Saturdays game and hope that its a full house with strong support It's been a while since I have felt this good about football
  13. Back of the net! What was the answer you got then? “A baby hedgehog is sometimes called a ‘pup’ or ‘piglet’. Most books about mammals just call them ‘baby’ or ‘young hedgehogs’.
  14. By the early 1990s the word hoglet (or sometimes hedgehoglet) had been introduced for baby hedgehogs. This word seems to have been in general use among those with an interest in hedgehogs since at least the mid-1990s. Is that correct? Should have given me the gig Top man - cannot believe they turned you down mate!
  15. Just asked them the question "What is a baby hedgehog called?" They gave me the wrong answer Typical
  16. Mam form Morpeth and my Dad from Walker
  17. Born at Princess Marys' as well 5.5 From St. James Dug up a huge clump of turf up when I invaded the pitch at the end of the 91 / 92 season and now grows happy in me Dad's garden - (took it home in a plastic bag on the bus)
  18. I'm Red / Brown colour blind and sometimes it can be a right fucker. Also was short sighted and wore glasses but couldn't stand contacts so had my eyes zapped. Best £2000 I've ever spent.
  19. Just ordered it and it should be here within 7-14 days Cheers again for your advise - will keep you posted how I get on
  20. Thanks for that mate - just the kind of guitar I am after Will pre-order the This one as I am being sad and like the sunburst finish. Had been looking in windows at This one but I know F all about these things Will take you advise try to sort out some private lessons - just hope I can pick it back up again.
  21. Had one of these for my Raleigh Tomahawk Before that I used to use a squashed can between the back wheel and mud guard
  22. T-Keith Sounds like your pretty handy with a guitar so was wondering if you could spare some advice. I am checking out the music shops in town for a starter acoustic guitar <£100 just to get me started playing again. Used to fart about in my youth but never really accomplished anything. Got a bit more time these days to really give it a go and wondered if you could recomend a decent starter guitar. Cheers
  23. The small rectangular pink bubblegum was a Bazzoka Joe but it had a comic stip not a tattoo I think
  24. Was in not Angalo Bubblegum? Tasted like germolene
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