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  1. 11 minutes ago, Tdansmith said:

    Honest question does having a beard make wearing a face mask to stop the spread of the virus pointless. Won't gems be able to sneak in?

    If it’s a proper mask with a filter on it. Yes having a beard will prevent it from working properly as you don’t get a good seal around the mouth and nose. At work we need to a fit test to confirm the seal before going into areas where they are required. If you have a beard or even a few days stubble it will stop them working properly.

    if it’s just a surgeons type paper mask or a home made t-shirt over the face type mask the main purpose seems to be to stop your coughs and sneezes infecting others rather than stop you breathing in nasties. So the beard shouldn’t make too much difference there. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, wykikitoon said:

    Our Ibiza trip is with TUI and for now we're just doing nothing. Like Renton we have to pay the balance by July I think. But the way things are we have zero chance to go away. 


    Fuck me, if I got a weekend in the Lakes in December at this rate I would be delighted. 

    I had  week in Cape Verde with TUI booked for 20th March which got cancelled. Spent an hour and a half on the phone to request a refund in March. To be fair they were great when I actually got to speak to someone. Warned me that it would take 4 weeks to get money back which I finally got yesterday. 

    Not expecting to go away again any time soon. No chance of getting travel insurance that’ll cover Covid stuff or insolvency now. 

  3. I looked at it as an investment, the risks wereto high to justify the outlay. I moved out of that house 2 years later and would have taken a huge loss on the solar panels including any increase they would've given in value on the property.


    The problem with solar and wind is they are still too expensive for normal households up front. The payback time is too long. I care more about having a good holiday this year then having slightly reduced energy bills for the next few years.


    Unless you are certain you will stay where you live now for the next 10-20 years or an strong eco hippy it's not worth it.

  4. I looked at the finance of these a while ago. I figured out it would take about 10 years for them to reach the break even point. Given they are expected to last about 20 years you can make a bit on them in the long term but you will be out of pocket for the first 10 years or so.


    You have to look at what you pay for electric and what the panels will produce. You get paid for any excess that feeds back into the grid. I was living in Plymouth when I looked at them and I would only be exporting power to the grid for 1 or 2 months a year. Would've been none this summer. So would have jusbja reduced bills.


    I didn't go for them as I didnt think I'd stay in the house for 10 years.

  5. I had a look on the internet and it normally retails at £28-£33. It would be very pricey for what it is at £40. £20 is a bargain for it though.


    I thought booths was independent. Just a small supermarket chain from Lancashire. Haven't seen them anywhere outside the north west anyway.

  6. Well, I left work in manc centre at 5 or on the bus and have yet to get to the motorway the other side of prestwich. So tonight can fuck off already


    Yeh, the M60 is chaos today. When I came home on the M62 the queue to get onto the M60 stretched back to Warrington, and that was about 90 minutes ago.

  7. People who slow down as they overtake lorries on the motorway.


    just don't understand why they do it. Going 70mph in lane 3 then come up to pass a lorry overtaking something else and they slow down to 60 as they pass then it then speed up again.

  8. So far you have only asked generic questions on the sub reactor which is all not protectively marked. Its the details that are classified e.g. temperatures, pressures, designs, materials, With the hydrogen you are getting into details, so the info is protected.

  9. How so? the gains for the desktop are the same for the laptop, it's not so much the sound/noise i'd be worried about more the fact in most applications of the drive the ssd will be 10x better performance wise vs a sataII/I equivalent.


    Basically the only thing a standard drive has over a ssd is price/capacity in which it wins hands down, anything to do with performance the ssd will basically slap it around.


    I only went for it on the laptop for the power and noise. I don't really notice any difference between my laptop and desktop on boot times or performance but the desktop is a lot more powerful as the laptop is fairly old now so it may just be down to that.

  10. My Laptop has one, works a treat. Makes it really quiet as there is less cooling and no moving parts involved.


    Not really worth it for anything that isn't portable though.

  11. Now if the medicine ball or elephant was caught by a second person in space what would happen to ball/elephant and the other man?


    Also how would a newtons cradle operate in a vacuum. When your raise and release the first ball what would happen. Would it hit the others and work the same as in air or would something else happen?

  12. If your man in space with the medicine ball had a an elephant ( or something much heavier then him) instead and he tried to throw it. Using as much force as he could muster. Would he move or would the elephant move?

  13. Then why is your main reason as to why we don't have satellites etc is because

    Wolfys first law of motion states that you can't move in vacuum.


    Maybe satellites do exist but space isn't a vacuum as its filled with magical space treacle? Have you considered that one?

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