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  1. I graduated from Bumhole (Chemical) engineering 5 years ago, got a job playing with submarines in Plymouth for 4 years then moved to an engineering consultancy firm in Manchester last year. Other then that nothing much.
  2. My last house move was the conveyancing from hell, the whole process took 5.5 months, had solicitors going bankrupt, being inept and downright lying. They (the people whos house i was buyings solicitor) agreed to completion date without consulting their client who was on holiday for 2 weeks. Cost me £1200 in storage, hotel bills etc. Complained but didn't even get so much as an apology. Best advice i can give you about conveyancing is pick a local solicitor you can pop in and bother for information. You pay a bit more but its much must easier to get information.
  3. Completely irrelevant who I vote for as there can't be many more secure labour seats in the UK then this one. Was a big swing to the lib dems in the last election here and labour still had an 11000 vote majority. Voted Lib Dem last time, and its not exactly gone how I'd hoped. Would have preferred to see a conservative minority government this time with deals being cut for each individual policy. For a lot of issues there was support from at least 2 of the main 3 parties meaning it could have worked reasonably well. Or alternatively it would've blown up in a spectacular display of bickeri
  4. That's an interesting view point, but i think it is being overly pessimistic at least i hope it is other we might as well give up now! I agree with the starting view point about what going on at present but I think the ultimate aim to reach a debt free (including Ashelys Directors Loans) and then sell the club off for a ~£100mill profit. I think he got into the game when he saw the likes of Man U, Liverpool etc going for hundreds of millions and saw he could get a big side 'on the cheap' splash a little cash and flog it on for a profit a year or two later. Then he got stung by the clubs d
  5. High def movies are ready to play after about 3 minutes, standard def even less than that. That's hardly "taking ages". What would annoy me far more is how unresponsive the Virgin menu system is. Takes at least 20 or 30 minutes before anything is ready to play on mine. More if you are using the internet for anything else. Hardly on demand... It's all down to the internet line as my place is about 4 miles from the exchange so the DSL is very limiting. IT can only cope with one thing at a time.
  6. rikko


    Would rather we developed our own young strikers who probably aren't good enough rather then someone else's who also probably aren't good enough...
  7. Had Virgin Media when i lived in plymouth 6 months ago. The 50meg broadband was brilliant and the on demand from virgin was excellent - select what you want and it played instantly, full iplayer and random other stuff could pretty much always find something to watch. Moved house and no longer in a cabled area so have sky and its crap in comparison. Their on demand is years behind virgins, as it uses the internet to download stuff so takes ages... End up just using pikey bit torrents as its faster and has more selection. The only real benefit of sky is that the picture quality is bette
  8. Since we won't be able to sign a half decent, let alone decent, striker this late in window. We should 'keep our powder dry' until the summer. Last thing i want is us to sign yet another shite striker who will fester in the first team for the next few years, we have enough of them as it is. We should have enough goals in the team too see us through the rest of the season, especially when Ben Arfa gets back.
  9. Pretty much as I see it. Club were holding out to get as much of the Torres £50mil as they could. ACs eyes turned to $$$$ so handed in the request to pocket the money.
  10. Just back from the game! Good work from argyle on the music and that! Buzzing still. We have won the league! Barton was getting mobbed on the pitch for about 20 mins after the game.
  11. Barbican is probably best place. Tis a fair few miles from the stadium though.
  12. Just back from the game, we were solid through out and never looked like conceding, but at the same time we had nothing going forward, no creativity whatsoever in the starting 11. Got a bit better when Jonas and Lovenkrands came on but not much.
  13. Seperate Channel number 108 on Virgin Media need a V+ box for HD on virgin too. Don't know about the other networks though.
  14. I did mine through O2 stores and had it back in under a week all covered on the warranty. Just make sure you have everything backed up.
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    Yes, that will do it. There are numerous devices that do it the sky+ job but on freeview and they can be procured at any decent electronics retailer.
  16. To put this in comparison, the families of the folk who died in the air france crash are getting $24,000 each. So one downloaded song is worth 3.5 dead relatives!
  17. I had it done 8 months ago. The results have been brilliant, wish i'd done it sooner! I went for the cheapest one on offer and can read the smallest line on the sight charts. THe actual operation itself was not pleasant, but only lasted like 10 mins in total once i was sat in the chair. Then immediately after my vision was alot better, just felt like i had grit in my eye and greens were more vivid. THe only problem i had was in getting from north london to south london without using the tube (which they said to avoid after) and being led by a friend who walks into things at the best of tim
  18. rikko


    Its now quite reasonably priced for beer, about £3.50-£4 a pint, rather then the £7 when i went. When you arrive at the airport make sure to take advantage of the duty free just before baggage reclaim, alcohol there is alot lot cheaper then anywhere else! You wont be able to see the northern lights this time of year since it wont be cold enough and dark enough, other then that steve is pretty much spot on.
  19. Jealous sweaty. I like it, its retro. Just looks to me like they left the bag with the real kit in the hotel... Also whats there to be Jealous of? The fact you were born in a second rate country that has never achieved anything in international football and probably never will. Amen to that! I was born in England!
  20. Jealous sweaty. I like it, its retro. Just looks to me like they left the bag with the real kit in the hotel... Also whats there to be Jealous of?
  21. Is there any particular reason why england are playing in polo shirts?
  22. Was your course oversubscribed? Because that happened while i was at Uni, they were essentially looking for any reason in first and second year to get rid of people to get the numbers down to a level they could cope with. Having said that there you are allowed to resit exams at Uni of Manchester at least once, the full details should be in the student handbook you get at the start of each year from your faculty. It should detail what happens if you fail an exam. The ones i got did.
  23. Currently working as a Nuclear Process Engineer at the dockyard where the nuclear submarines are refitted.
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