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  1. Yeh Fury has beat Wilder twice in most peoples book. What a complete waste of time
  2. They’ll pay him off I reckon
  3. Reckon like? confirmed by Fury now....
  4. Tom

    Work wankers

    I once seen his standup and that was bad enough.
  5. Horrible when you see the civilians watching the “fireworks” only for a rocket to slip through the net
  6. https://www.skysports.com/boxing/news/12183/12305430/anthony-joshua-vs-tyson-fury-will-fight-in-saudi-arabia-on-august-14-in-a-stadium-that-will-shock-the-world-says-eddie-hearn
  7. Tom


    He’s challenged enough!
  8. Tom

    Work wankers

    You i once played a song with green day?
  9. Tom

    Work wankers

    Where do you think my hair comes from?
  10. Tom


    Is this in reference to stadiums you’ve actually been to or stadiums you like after seeing them in media? That’s two different lists for me!
  11. Tom

    Work wankers

    Imagine bragging about a heart attack ”Hey ladies, I’m actually...very, very unhealthy”
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