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  1. I’m not listening to it but if anyone fancies I’ve just released an E.P. I try my best but Patrokles left big boots to fill >>> https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/thomaskeith/voluntary-excess
  2. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    there you go https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/thomaskeith/voluntary-excess Huge thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes, it’s greatly appreciated, especially in this year. I decided to release a record on my birthday, like Bowie used to do & I’ll try and keep it up. There’s 5 new songs and, the best experience is mixed for headphones. For this record I play guitar, bass, drums & some weird organ thing. So the recording approach was a little different but it’s all experience. I was delighted to have Danielle Lewis along to lend their wonderful
  3. Also...(follow the thread 😮 )
  4. There’ll be a host of top flight clubs looking to appoint Howe in January/February so I doubt he’s after a league one club with a wage cap.
  5. Imagine his lass seeing Sunderland. “Thaahh owa they’re yoused to be joplins, but ehrtz shut now like. Then wa have a greggs and errr...a quick fit”
  6. Absolutely, it’s not just her tweets but her essays and lectures on the subjects. Oh and that she’s wrote a book about a trans serial killer that some shops refuse to stock. For the past couple of years I’ve attended a Trans Day of Remembrance with a non binary friend and the violence they are subjected to is nightmarish. Over 400 were killed last year & over 300 the year before. It’s not a great leap to suggest that a hugely anti-trans influential person who weighs in on the subject has exacerbated things somewhat
  7. I think you are being wooshed. JK Rowling has 14 million twitter followers & her words are dangerous for the trans community who already have to put up with violence worldwide. She’s a cunt.
  8. He’s always asking strangers on twitter for a pint man
  9. He only won fame because of his privileged background and being a Nazi has really exposed his lack of talent. No more being given acting roles, no more music (I never heard it like), all he has left is spewing out hatred. The problem is he’s still an influential person, so like JK Rowling & Donald Trump their little tweets manifest themselves as physical violence for a lot of vulnerable people.
  10. Yes and he has “followers” but no friends anymore Sat there talking to twitter asking why his former friends have “cancelled” Him.
  11. Fox has gone full Nazi Eugenicist. He’s a fucking idiot & I’d love to lamp him one.
  12. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    Yeh wait till you get your £3.85 royalties
  13. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    I’d aimed for December 1st which is my Birthday but there’s sometimes complications with publishing things which is out of my control.
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