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  1. Can’t really twist it we’re selling them the weapons.
  2. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    I used the JHS Milkman & a Univibe at practice & simply made a profile the song. I set the helix to ZERO apart from the effects, so the uni & the tape delay go through the tube amp which is getting natural drive from being cranked. Quite the hack, as everything sounds analogue
  3. AM TELLIN YA, there’s summat in the WATTA Marra,
  4. UK Champions League Final Venues in history Wembley (old) Hampden Park (old) Wembley (new) Principality Stadium Old Trafford Sunderland!???
  5. Their attendance would drop to about 23,000 if they were paying premier league prices and getting soundly beaten every week. 60,000!? Champions league finals!!!
  6. Mad they didn’t stick Phillips on instead eh? The question to ask is why are all these international records suddenly being broken? Kane had about 20 more england appearances than Shearer…mostly against minnows.
  7. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    Yeh I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a clone of some kind. It’s pretty much spot on. Personally I’m not wanting to bother with any further pedals at least for the time being. Ive completely reset the Helix and will be using patches out of necessity going forward, so when I need a specific chorus/delay/FX I can get it no bother
  8. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    He bought one of these in the end and it sounds comically good. Pretty much nails the revolver sound, I’m not sure what he paid for it like but it’s pretty much exactly what he was after.
  9. Lovely sunny day. I think I was 19…I agreed to go when I was mortal drunk, @Ugly Mackems sorted me a ticket out. Seem to remember the pitch being higher than the seat I was in which was weird. Had a good time didn’t lose, didn’t get filled in and got back to York (Uni) no bother. Mad game as well.
  10. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    My band mate recommended the JHS Milkman as a pedal to get that suits I style. JHS have a helix/Kemper patch of it on their website for free & it’s bang on
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