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  1. Man U invited that goal on themselves ffs
  2. Why’s the ref stopped it for that fat prick? Its not a head injury, play on.
  3. The commentators only getting excited when Man U go forward
  4. I hadn’t thought it through Wolfie
  5. Damaging the coefficient so that Spurs cant make the CL 🫡
  6. He was absolute dog shit in b&w
  7. We’ve won our last 3 vs Man U including a cup match at their place. As has been mentioned, it’s in our DNA to drop a bollock in this kind of fixture but I cant help but feel that is changing. Plus they are utter shit, we’ve got lads coming back & they may want shot of the manager and play like it.
  8. Don’t forget Neville…his short managerial career was hilarious.
  9. Man City lead on actual G
  10. What more do you want mate? He’s only human
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