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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    He was raising money for the Bradley Lowery foundation. He won the cross bar challenge & then nutmegged a steward. Im amazed they didn't sign him up.
  2. The Guitar Thread

    I'm not sure how I'd cope with fanned frets, but they sound interesting. I still haven't got round to scalloped frets ffs! The bass came in the end and it's a class piece of kit. Tonally everything sounds authentic & there's some original sounds too. Plus it's gorgeous and comically small. Richtone sent a pack of bass strings to compensate for the late delivery. Which aren't cheap in fairness.
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    Yeh good point, I suppose I can't balance my own drinking habits against that of a so called professional athlete. He was drinking daft at the start of the season, I suppose it's just part of the culture of the club. It must be horrible for the fans to watch their team potentially go into administration/league 1 whilst alcoholic millionaires take the piss.
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    Anyway lol at the mackems
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    I thought you really didn't have to drink that much to be over the limit even the next day? If I've had enough to get "drunk" the night before I won't bother with the car at all or leave it till about 4 o'clock or something. I suppose it's fairly arbitrary and perhaps you'd expect Gibson's metabolism to be a little quicker than mine.
  6. Alan Pardew - Throstles Manager & Poltroon

    You could have let the West Brom players manage themselves since October & I can't imagine them doing a worse job than the poltroon.
  7. The Guitar Thread

    The Strandberg looks fun @Andrew I think I'd need a headstock mind, even a pretend one. Like when they give dogs plastic bollocks when they've had the snip. Edit - That bass still hasn't arrived btw. Some 24h courier that. I won't be ordering from Richtone Music again...
  8. Dad Advice

  9. The Guitar Thread

    You look like Kurt Cobain there Looks like a class trip. I've got to admit I pretty much wrote 70s strats off after a very damning article about them from Charles Shaar-Murray (sp) about 15 years ago....but I'm willing to take a second opinion.
  10. I had totally forgot about Sels
  11. Keep Woodman, push the rest into the sea.
  12. Yeh, i told the American guy next to me it was a trick throw like in basketball. Thank god he knew I was joking. He's solid & does the basics well, which is what Rafa wanted in August.
  13. The Guitar Thread

    She was after the Capri Orange one but they sold out pretty much everywhere. She's got the Gary Jarman bass which is short scale but it's massive compared to the Mustang. Should be more versatile at least with the two pickups. Field Music were using one recently and it did the job perfectly.
  14. The Guitar Thread

    Ended up lending my sister money for a Mustang Bass...because I also want a go on a Mustang Bass & Rafa's tricky mags won so I'm in a great mood. We seen it in Guitar Guitar today, it's absolutely tiny!

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