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  1. Cyberpunk 2077

    Used to RP this as a kid. So looking forward to this
  2. World Cup 2018

  3. New Strips?

    I can think of two occasions where an Ashley regime have failed to meet the requirement of "black and white stripes". You could even throw 2012/13 in there if you're being picky. Black and white spikes.
  4. The Guitar Thread

    Aye It's a nice touch
  5. The Guitar Thread

    I've been fixing up an SG for one of the lads in my band. What a beauty! Interestingly he uses a Duo Sonic as his main guitar which he makes sound massive. Ill never get my head around that, it looks like a toy
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    How greasy is his hair ffs?
  7. if we ever went down to league 1

    I used to go to a few league one games when I was at Uni in York. My mate was a Huddersfield fan and he'd drive us to the odd game, £5 in for a friend a lot of the time as he had a season ticket. It was better than staying in the house but it was utter fucking poverty as sport. Everything about it was Mickey Mouse and sangfroid/stupid stoicism aside I'd be utterly heartbroken to watch United ever reduced to that. Thankfully even at our lowest ebb we've never been that low....
  8. SJW Snowflakes

    According to his supporters prisons are luxurious environments where his every need will be catered for so I really don't see the problem.
  9. Yup loving it! It's a big step up for me because my first car was a C1. This is a ridiculously comfortable drive & has a lot of really modern features. So much going on! Plus you can get a load of guitar gear in the back.
  10. mackem messageboard gold

    I'm happy to announce I'm completely debt free. If i wilfully choose not to talk about people I owe money too anyway.....
  11. The Guitar Thread

    Was offered £300 last week, countered with £320 and haven't had an offer since There's profit to be had but not a great deal of it. Still a steal at £100 like but I need a bass for band stuff now.

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