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  1. explain in football terms
  2. I get the feeling we are absolutely fucked.
  3. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    I honestly have no clue about any of that stuff. Im an analogue man Although as the digital stuff catches up/inevitably overtakes physical pedals it's probably worth getting in to.
  4. Tom

    The Golf Thread

    No idea, my cousin booked it. Playing a few more around there too. I'll probably come away with a daft score but should be able to get around ok, with a few lost balls to boot. We did the Hunters course at Slayley Hall on Monday & everyone came away with a poor score. (One lad off 6, two off 18). It felt about 20 miles long
  5. Tom

    The Golf Thread

    Playing at the Belfry PGA course on Monday. Which seems a little...sudden
  6. The UK is tired of experts.
  7. Tom

    The Guitar Thread

    Epiphone releasing an Iommi signature....for £800 You'd probably be able to pick up a Gibson SG Standard for that amount money on the secondhand market.
  8. Tom

    The Golf Thread

    Sharpley was great fun....a little windy but we could handle that. Longhirst today was absolutely fucking lethal. Winds of 35mph, impossible on those longer holes. Very frustrating.
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