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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    Supermacs looking old
  2. Politics

    He looks like the Nazi version of postman Pat
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    One of the MLF on ready to groom was on about David Wagner and how he’s had a two year break from football and would be desperate to join them. He hasn’t had a two year break from football and he’s the schalke 04 manager but yeh sure.
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    “I don’t know about the penalty because I was at the toilet but...” Ive never felt sorry for the mackems but watching two grown men who can’t speak properly is horribly sad. and that’s before we get on to THE LANGUAGE.
  5. Damien, the Red Devil’s son. A nickname pinched of AC Milan. Anyway final score - UNITED 1-0 Newton Heath
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    This is like Reeves & Mortimer vs Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights. Not one interviewee can string a cohesive sentence together, nor can the presenter.
  7. A lad on some lame Man United YouTube called him the “BTEC Longstaff” ”Longstaff scored passed us, not even the one we wanted to buy, I don’t even know his name, M Longstaff, the BTEC Longstaff” You know his name now.
  8. There aren’t many fish bones in Kebabs, Renton.
  9. Give over man you fucking drips. I wouldn’t care if Ian Huntley was manager a lad from North Shields just beat man united on his debut.
  10. Cheers for nicking this tweet off me like lads. looking for number JUDAS
  11. Mike Ashley doesn’t want to sell & he’s never wanted to sell.
  12. Politics

    Swinson IS a Tory ffs
  13. He made a canny impact tbh. Had two of their lads on the deck within about 30 seconds of coming on.

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