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  1. I've met Mike Ashley incidentally. I'm pretty confident I'd knock him SQUARE OUT if I wanted to. Left, right goodnight. Have a free mug you doyle.
  2. I think that went out the when he spunked about £2000 on a guitar Happy Birthday Fella
  3. I'd probably take to drink, chin Ashley & forget about the whole thing.
  4. For Orange's I'm after the Rocker 32 but I'm nowhere near affording one at the moment. that does the watt switching thing.
  5. Nice one man. As I said it's a class guitar for the money and the quality is spot on. Obviously they'll be cutting costs somewhere and I think it's basswood, I happen to like basswood anyway. Also it's a proper rosewood board. Which may become a rarity in the near future...
  6. Aye, it sounds/plays like a proper tube amp* & it really sounds like an Orange. Id say it can be a little bright at times next to my "proper" Orange but I think that's owing to the small speaker in the cab rather than owt else. Plus the tone circuit has been upgraded on the new ones so a bit of warmth is easier to find.
  7. Here - https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/170104305709008--squier-bullet-mustang-hh-black and these fellas make a good review video. They could sell anything mind. You've just got to get past the jam bit and they talk. As a fuck about guitar Id highly recommend it but it's also sounds pretty class through a good amp. I could easily see myself picking one up and having a blast for a few hours. Plus it's short scale so you can bend/vibrato strings like holy fucking hell with little or no effort. Like a borrower Steve Vai.
  8. Yeh but they do a little cab with it too. It's class So hypothetically you could put it through a big old 4 x 12 cab. I think the one they sell for it is a 1 x 8.
  9. Hmm I'd have to play it to believe it. As much as it was (probably) a blindfold test I reckon I'd easily tell difference, but that said perhaps technology has left me behind! Regarding volume I suppose it depends on the amp. I've got 30w & 65w valve amps that can easily be played in the house but a 5w that really struggles with it as it really shifts some air. End up playing an Orange Micro terror a lot of the time too, they sound great and are dirt cheap.
  10. Sounds canny from the 4 minute review I just watched! Should sound great for the Marr stuff too I'd probably go for something different for the same budget but then my neighbours are more forgiving than most.
  11. White Lacoste? Was the oil stain from a Vauxhall Nova?
  12. That'll have been in the negotiations, point is he didn't spill his curry.
  13. On first impressions it looks like a schoolboy error but when he leaves the restaurant without a mark on it you see it's the hallmark of a seasoned pro. Like a bloke wearing white boots at a Sunday league match actually being a classy player. You've got to take your hat off.