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  1. I would have been absolutely shitting myself at that height
  2. I hope Craig Hope gave him a P45 the size of a novelty cheque.
  3. Aye, Bruce giving them days off till the club pull the trigger. ”what have you got planned tomorrow Steve?” “Nando’s…Amanda, Nando’s!”
  4. I’m not sure Bruce does either. How’s the bacon did Yeh say?
  5. Nobody was arsed about our sponsorships when Sports Direct were getting them for free but now it’s suddenly a concern
  6. It’s mad how many people seem to have this unbreakable bond with Steve Bruce. Imagine that’s the person you make a tit of yourself on national TV/Radio for.
  7. I mean they literally gave BEIN sports $1bn for the deal to go ahead but whatever helps them sleep at night
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