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  1. According to Bellamy on Sky, Rafa has a designated penalty taker for every game. He once took one off another player at Liverpool and got fined for it even though he scored. So it might be the same here - however as soon as Kenedy picked up that ball everyone knew he was going to miss. He's a good player and he's been great for us but he was the pits yesterday.
  2. Anybody but Kenedy there mind.
  3. The ref has cultivated the frustration in the players by being a homer all game.
  4. The ref has been desperate for that all day.
  5. Good job the club invested -£20m
  6. New Strips?

  7. The Guitar Thread

    Can't write much cause i can't put it down but these pickups are incredible. Also full set up, fret dress etc, it's playing better than brand new
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    Aye they absolutely love these two idiots as well. Every little soundbite has them buzzing. The must be the only debt free club on the planet that is simultaneously in crippling debt.
  9. The Guitar Thread

    Pickups come Friday. Hopefully installed over the weekend. Opted to move up to 11 gauge strings to get closer to the best out of the guitar. Need to find a fitting scratchplate too.
  10. The Guitar Thread

    Just need someone to install them now
  11. The Guitar Thread

    That's what the guy from guitar guitar said and that's what I'm doing getting the Peter Green ones.....
  12. The Guitar Thread

    Ah as if the fuckers are sold out. Oh well, refund it is.
  13. The Guitar Thread

    This. Getting a scratch plate and setting it up for 11s too
  14. The Guitar Thread

    Pre-Ordered a set of these

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