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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    Blackpool winning
  2. Politics

    “New labour type smart”
  3. Politics

    Exactly. That’s another reason why there isn’t a Corbyn government.
  4. Politics

    There isn’t a single British government in history that wouldn’t have joined the USA in that war. But. Still a mistake.
  5. Politics

    Number 1. is going to be absolutely impossible to implement.
  6. Politics

    I’ve never had anything to do with momentum. Some of the stuff they do is helpful but I have a lot of gripes. Some of the kids are too young to have any idea of the transformation the country undertook and how the poorest in society benefitted. They used terms like “blue labour” to describe anyone remotely pragmatic, it’s harmful. They describe basic policies & principles as “radical” which does a lot of harm, especially with older voters. Welfare reforms to ensure people aren’t dying in their homes or kids aren’t going to school malnourished aren’t “radical” they’re the very least the government should be doing for their people.
  7. Politics

    I think Blair’s legacy gets stronger & stronger every single day we have to tolerate the cruelty of tory austerity. Theres a video of Gordon Brown doing the rounds on twitter where he rattles off all the achievements of new labour and in the current climate it really is quite spectacular.
  8. Politics

    A Tory MP on LBC already talking about private health insurance. This is day one. People were warned.
  9. Politics

    Full of cold off all the outdoors shite this past week, fuck lemsip. I’m on the cans tonight.
  10. Recommend me something to watch!

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p07txln8/blindboy-undestroys-the-world-series-1-1-how-the-internet-killed-reality funny but grim. Great series
  11. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    I’m try to escape it but I can’t
  12. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Especially playing a fucking Tory constituency. (sorry @Andrew)
  13. Lets do the football, and be the winners
  14. The Guitar Thread

    He was a beast like. Used to love his whiskey and cocaine.

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