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  1. I always had my suspicions about FOOTBALL PLAYER ffs think on man
  2. Tbh the club said they’d replace the shirts for free if you can provide a receipt
  3. “Your Direct Debit has been declined” ”lads how do we spin this!??”
  4. The trick with the BBC is that it’s political output is overtly right wing but it’s drama/fiction output is relatively egalitarian/left leaning but the right wing factions are happy for that to be the case because it winds the right wing lads up no end. “there a gay on the television, Beryl!!!!!!” More often than not it strengthens people’s right wing sentiments. ”you can’t say anything nowadays!” Etc
  5. The hatred Drs receptionists harbour for most of humanity makes me think they’re prominent members of the Nazi party reborn.
  6. 250cl? Aye that’s a piss take Both times I’d be to Hyde Park for shows, Black Sabbath + Soundgarden & a few years later Green Day - we’d had a few cans before going in but then it was about 24°C both shows so those £6 pints were all too tempting haha
  7. How many times does the word “seagull” appear
  8. Not Really a massive fan of his other work but this is canny.
  9. £4 a pop in 1991? Par for the course I suppose. I was paying £6 a pint in Hyde Park in 2016.
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