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  1. “They’a not classsy, weeee are”
  2. “Labour will raise your taxes”
  3. The Foodbank of England Club™️
  4. I think we all know you don’t get to be that rich without having blood on your hands somewhere along the line. Whether it’s the suicide of an abused sports direct worker or a lad in India working for £1 a week making Donnay socks in dangerous conditions, starving a child seemingly for the crack etc etc But it’s ok for the mackems for some reason. It’s not the same marra. ”Deflect, deflect, deflect”
  5. They were getting a hard on because the lads mother was at the match. She’s not a Russian marra, she’s a Swiss National. None of KLDs billions came from his father, it’s not the same. Etc etc
  6. aaaaand that’s a title update -
  7. Didn’t watch this match because I assumed it would be absolutely shite and I was probably right. League one will be glad to see the back of these arrogant doyles. I wonder if they’ll be everyone’s “cup final” in the championship when they’re getting battered every week?
  8. The content this trip has provided is just blissful. I mean…why don’t they just go to the pub? And they’ll all be too hungover again to support their team properly. Can’t even do seasoned alcoholism right
  9. The biggest display Wembley has never seen marra ftm Losers
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