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  1. Politics

    Im on the Rheinbacher. Aldi’s finest.
  2. Politics

    Fucking hell me mam walked in!!! [/TGQ]
  3. Politics

    Right lads I’m good to go
  4. Politics

    You plucked an argument out of fucking nowhere. That treatment.
  5. Politics

    I got the same treatment for suggesting it's harmful for current MPs to slag off New Labour needlessly. I didn't mention bringing back Blairism/Centrism or whatever only it'll do Labour more favours to celebrate these achievements rather than the opposite. The majority of the manifesto was very popular among people polled but dislike of the leadership & the Brexit policy fucked it.
  6. Politics

    Ask yourself who got elected and where.
  7. Politics

    And when they tally that up against New Labour’s achievements for working people they’ll think she’s a moron who’s being deliberately offensive.
  8. Politics

    She’s not right though is she?
  9. Politics

    You are vastly overestimating the majority of people who fill those seats. Also I can’t imagine the political intelligentsia frequent the Daily Mirror, who does? Yep, the fucking electorate. It’s absolute bullshit to tar New Labour with the brush of Thatcherism & anyone who lived through it in the north east knows that fine well. Also Look at the government we’re up against. They make Blair look like Chomsky.
  10. Politics

    Yeh I mean I’m sure that’s cool common room chat but it’ll be fuck all use when people are out knocking on doors. ”you're from the labour party? the guys that did all that really good stuff in the 90s/00s & improved millions of people’s lives & prospects & gave us the best NHS performance on record?” Well you see comrade, if you look closer that was actually the tories...
  11. Politics

    This shit can fuck right off.
  12. Oxford

    I don’t think pubs are the issue here. What happened to the first 35 oxford lads who frequented this forum? Get Morse on the case & Nev will know the pubs.
  13. The Guitar Thread

    the new JEMs are awesome looking
  14. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Paddy Power keep telling me my bet lost. I’m not having it Shints! Fuckers owe me £4
  15. Not sure the other lads would like to watch him train mind.

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