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  1. It won’t really matter if/when we get relegated. Ashley won’t want to make a loss so the shit cycle starts again. try and get promoted and look for a buyer toon toon
  2. Yeh I think mine is the same, just a big fuck off kidney. However it’s “chronic kidney disease” medically. Mine gave me some bother & I’ve got to take tablets for it. (It was also a canny shock finding out I only had one)
  3. The reason I got mine is because I’m missing a kidney, so that puts me at risk. (Worth it though, the guitar sounds brilliant!) So if you’re a kidney patient that’ll definitely put you on the list. I get a news letter from the Tyneside kidney patients association & everyone seemed to have been getting vaccinated in February.
  4. A great servant to the club as a player, a captain and a manager. He also worked with the academy for a good few years. Although I am too young to have seen him play that European push was absolutely class & I’ve always thought highly of him. Rest in peace.
  5. Well I always said “England could host a tournament tomorrow”
  6. Archer proper fancies himself with the bat as well.
  7. Fuck me I went into a meeting and we lost about 6 wickets by the time I was out
  8. Ah that’s canny like. With how his health is a quick fish & chips is best (he’ll have scampi like) then taking him somewhere to buy wet fish & go home might be best. He won’t tolerate a boozer these days with me like . Meets the lads from Westoe colliery once a year & he'll have a whiskey. Not many of them left like.
  9. I thought this was going to go a different way
  10. Nar I haven’t been for ages like. Well my uncle used to take me when I was a bairn & he’s 89 now. So I thought I’d take him back there after lockdown, am I fuck taking him to Sambucas like. Well maybe he can buy some decent fish and we can shoot off, maybe go to tynemouth for 10 minutes for the air. (Having read that through, maybe the other way around)
  11. Somewhere I went for scran as a bairn. So aye it might be!
  12. Corbyn had a chance to directly oppose brexit & campaign for remain but he didn’t want to so he didn’t. He was MIA during the referendum & to pretend otherwise is a fanciful reimagining. Hard to blame Starmer with the record breaking levels of shit he’s been left with. Politics is about concession & Starmer is a Fabian no?
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