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  1. Mackems BANNED from Amsterdam

    Well I expect you would pick a date in that proximity. Does it frighten you to go back to the dark days. Don't be scared, most teams have had them and yes some more recent than others. You managed as a team in the 90's to pick up a few glory hunters (they must be disappointed not to have had any). Newcastle played attractive attacking football under Keegan (Chapter 1) and it pulled in some of the roving population of football fans Newcastle's way. I am merely curious what might happen if Newcastle spend a few years in the lower leagues. And why is any poster on here who debates the credibility of NUFC and some of it's fans immediately labelled a Mackem? You see it does seem a little phsycotic. Stop being so insular and realise that there are many people outside the north east who hate Newcastle. But that's unfair as it's the fans really. The club is OK. Some of the fans seem to think that they support God's own team. I also find it odd how you seem to personally abuse Sunderland fans. I have visited both cities and have to admit that Newcastle seems better architecturally and even the shops are better as I remember. however the people seem the same. Good and bad in both. Some areas of Newcastle seem just as bad as some areas of Sunderland and the same goes for most towns and cities in the land.
  2. Mackems BANNED from Amsterdam

    Funny, I thought I said more than 16 years! Ooh! Look so I did. Well said for ignoring the relevant word in the sentence.
  3. Mackems BANNED from Amsterdam

    I know but we don't give a fuck. As Cantona once said, "it's better to be talked about even when it's bad, than not be talked about at all, because it shows you exist." It's fucking spot on. Tell me one club who eventually achieved success who are not disliked, Man Utd were disliked when they winning fuck all, we're not near them and won't be, but Sunderland will never be that badly hated because no one cares, just a trampy tin pot yo yo club with the 2nd and 3rd worst league points total in a season in 100 years of English football history. They can't even slag fuckin Leeds never mind us. Mackems What success might that be? Leeds had their turn at being slagged off. They are a forgotten team at least for the moment. This might also happen to Newcastle. I don't expect it to but be beware of of what happened to Leeds. They get little press at the moment. It is all to easy in these days of the high football finance of the PL to slip into oblivion once relegated. Also cast your mind back more than 16 years. Really how big were you then?
  4. Mackems BANNED from Amsterdam

    You think we don't know all of this already? Nobody here thinks we get the third most TV games because we're great and everyone loves us. We know it's because people want to see our downfall. The reason Stevie and others bring it up is because it contradicts the other view of Newcastle, which is that we're a small club that's not really important. So which is it? In short, get fucked you tiresome, bitter mackem. I never suggested you were small club and if I had, I would be as deluded as some of your fans. Mackem? Bitter? You see, there you go again thinking the only fans who might have a dig are Mackems. Did not Aston Villa fans on the last game of the season prove otherwise.
  5. Mackems BANNED from Amsterdam

    See, still deluded. Are we not discussing football teams here rather that the regions surrounding them? I see nothing wrong in promoting the whole region. It is purely geographic and nothing to do with the football team that play in the region. It seems you try to grasp at anything. It proves the point even more, your phycosis is unable to accept your position in the football league.
  6. Mackems BANNED from Amsterdam

    well having read through this post I see that many of you are still, arrogant, pompous and deluded. You want to really know why you get more viewers on televised matches? People want to see you fail not win. It is because of your pretentiousness over the years that this has happened. Even the media want to see you fail. That's why you have quite a few televised games from the fizzy pop league. You just can't stop being arrogant with your heads up your jacksies even when your closest rivals are now better than you. These are all the reasons other fans and the media want to see you fail. Why oh why do you all think that Newcastle deserves better? They certainly do not. Afetr many years and many managers and much financial backing in that time, you have achieved diddly squat. Try being more humble and accept your fate and you might become most peoples' second favourite team again instead of one of the most depised.

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