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  1. Best away fans

    I remember when i was a youngster ,just after my parents decided to migrate to OZ, because the Pinochet regime were making things rather difficult for anyone who opposed his conservative views. There was this weekly football show on tv,i think it was called match of the day.The first time i watched it, Everton was playing against the redshite,and all that were watching were supporting the rs,so i decided to do the opposite and follow Everton.I copped lots of flak that day, because the blues lost.They may have lost that match, but they never lost me.
  2. Best away fans

    I just like the banter and opinions of rival fans.I'm not here to make enemies, im here in peace!
  3. Best away fans

    You have no idea lads,but if thats your opinion of me,well i can live with that. I like Cheltenham as well,so i suppose that must make me a glory-hunter x2
  4. Best away fans

    Nah, blame kenwright!
  5. Best away fans

    Im not a scouser nor am i english,i was born in Chile,early 70's and reside in Newcastle ,Australia.I have been a lifelong Everton fan unlike a good portion of the "sky 4 fans" out this way,who if you told them would believe that rafa,fergie,ancelotti and wenger are the new version of the ninja turtles.
  6. Best away fans

    You wouldn't get unfavourable responses on the Everton sites Yes i know ,some of those scousers are rotten cunts.
  7. Best away fans

    Fair play to some replies,but others have a tinge of bitterness.I for one would like to see you lot back in the PL,great ground,good support albeit a little delusional at times,but hey it makes for some good banter.
  8. Best away fans

    When NUFC were in the PL who were the best away fans at SJ?

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