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  1. Coming up to Newcastle for stag weekend

    Thanks for that My Kids..., that's helpful. You're right though can be over-organised, especially as I'll have the best laid plans that will go out of the window after a few hours on the booze and some mischievous mates. Still really need to get 11pm onwards sorted, might just pick somewhere and if people don't like it they can do their own thing. Whitley Bay then - I know a few of us will appreciate that straight away!
  2. Coming up to Newcastle for stag weekend

    Did stag in Vegas last year, and this stag is getting married in New Zealand next year, hence we're staying in blighty for a change. Think you're right though, very tough to get the balance of quality places and massive group of blokes. Like I said, chief concern is getting pre-arranged entry to somewhere each night, we can probably muddle our way round the pubs before that (also doing Casino for Poker tourney). Strip club discussion next!
  3. Coming up to Newcastle for stag weekend

    Possibly is "tradition" but is the kind of thing my 16 year old brother would come out with. Hey-ho. Anyway, did a little looking around and the concensus seems to be: - Clubs are chavvy and worth avoiding - Some bars are great if you know where to look - Quayside marginally classier than the Bigg Market Also read a comment from someone saying that burglersdog site basically says all pubs are crap, which is spot on so not sure that's going to be very helpful (although it is fairly amusing!)
  4. Coming up to Newcastle for stag weekend

    +1 for Powerhouse. You wont be disappointed. +2 if your after some hot dames!!! Hilarious. No, really you've done yourself proud. Thanks to those of you who gave sensible suggestions, nice to know at least some people are helpful.
  5. Hi guys - great site Sorry to intrude - I'm not a Newcastle fan (other end of the country - Saints, so you're doing better than us!). My question is on nights out - we're up on a stag do mid November, looking for a couple of clubs to get into when the time comes. Best site I've found so far is newcastlestagparty.com but I've no idea how up-to-date (or accurate) this is. Basically bunch of 20 lads all around 30, no dodgy characters looking for a good night out. Think the music consensus is predominantly cheese, mainstream at least (no dance, house etc). A few of us are single (and the rest enjoy a good look!) so girls would be preferrable as well! Is there anywhere that springs to mind? I've read some places don't allow stags or hens at all which isn't ideal. Just want to avoid trawling the streets some 11pm! I've been up there before so I know what to expect, really just want to get onto some guest lists where the clubs are aware we are a stag so can relax and enjoy the weekend. Even if you could point me to another site that would be great. Thanks a lot, and hope the rest of the season goes as well as the start!

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