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  1. World Cup WAG Predictor

    LOL, your a cheerful guy!
  2. World Cup WAG Predictor

    Hey guys Check out the new WAG predictor to find out whats really going to happen on the England camp! http://www.tipstar.co.uk/apps/world-cup-wags-predictor/ Best wishes Rob
  3. NUFC news application

    Sounds like an Adobe problem, but what does the error message say? Are you using PC or Mac?
  4. NUFC news application

    Cheers Craig and thanks for the compliments Geordie lad! The application is actually a lot faster than NewsNow for pulling in information, by about 20 mins on average. The point is that you dont have to keep going to the other aggregators, but each to there own. We're actually developing the product a lot further, so we will be pushing out newer versions with community tools built in. So it will become more than just an news feed. For those of you that have downloaded it (about 500 people so far), I hope you enjoy it and we look forward to your feedback.
  5. NUFC news application

    Now includes nust.org.uk!

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