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  1. Nah, Bez is too busy polishing his boots to be posting on here. He has however got a Twitter imposter according to his latest ramble http://goo.gl/dBBuL Anyone know who @JohnBeresford3 actually is?
  2. He's done another one, this time about the infamous Tenerife trip. I agree with him, the loss wasn't really anything to do with that trip, we just played averagely and were missing key players http://www.footyextra.com/blogs/u/John_Beresford/john-beresford-s-blog/posts/defending-newcastle-s-pre-fa-cup-tenerife-jaunt/
  3. Got to enjoy all the Stoke fans in the blog comments trying to defend their shit style of football I think playing in europe has gone to their head...
  4. Thought you guys might be interested in having a read of this, former Toon legend John Beresford has started writing a blog about Newcastle. He rips into Stoke in his first blog after the match on Monday, lots of Stoke fans kicking off in the comments This line about them in the blog probably didn't help: "This might be a cruel thing to say, but I hope they fail in every competition and go down, that’s how strongly I feel." Legend http://footyextra.co...in-their-place/